Quit spending money on this game

Look, im a grown man. I dont make a habit out of coming on to online forums and ranting about stuff. Ive played this game for 2.5 years with 1.5 of those as an alliance leader of wonderful folks who i treat like family. I dont whine for no reason. I want to be heard because ive been subjected to injustice (not whiny, liberal injustice. But the actual definition of the word). SG is making that very difficult. I cant explicitly say what happened due to the auto filters and mods. But its not right. PM me if you can and ill lay it out.


They werent cheating, committing fraud, or exploiting a defect. Im gagged by the mods from saying what happened.

Just a reminder, if someone is frustrated and wants to vent, they may do so here. But discussing disciplinary actions, especially to another player, is against the #forum-rules. Thank you.

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Understood KAF. Im doing my best to stay between the lines. I dont blame mods expressly for my anger. You guys have a rulebook and a mandate to enforce it. I respect that. I wont say specific words or specific disciplinary actions in order to leave enough ambuguity to remain legal. #FreeJer


I could tell you the words but the post would have to go through the approval process… :thinking:

I can say that i read and respond to all PM’s

Done. 8 months ago.

/has another beer.


We can’t send PM’s, the option is there but disabled for normal members like you and I. It is to save moderators from dealing with angry abuse, creepy girl scarers and general weirdos. That issue has a thread of its own.


Not here to be a creep or scare girls. I have a 4 y/o daughter, creeps dont rate very highly on my potential friends list. Im lieu of PM’s, i can say that my alliance, The Shockers, has open recruitment with a low cup requirement and no obligation to stay longer than a few mins/hours. I cannot violate forum rules.

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And likewise, I’ve been in so much trouble, stirring the pot doesn’t work for me anymore. They are pretty innocuous words, but innocent words that often get used by angry people.

@Angry_Brogan. Discord Steve1965#0318 but I guarantee you’ll be disappointed by the words… Wtf? springs to mind.

I think, not sure though, that you can post any Line ID or Discord tags you may have? Players can hit you up on there, if they so wish.

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I too am curious. How do I contact you. Would like to know. Craft_Interesting_PR_Pitches_2-2

@Angry_Brogan posted a link to his alliance Discord server, a few posts up. He was explaining everything on there, if you’re interested. :slightly_smiling_face:

The time and money spent on a comment are not comparable to that spent on a game. Why should ratabboypda go find another thread? One can find much interest in a thread that has points one questions.

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Zastanawiam się jaki sens ma ta dyskusja, zrozumiałem po nie całym roku że gra idzie w dół, aczkolwiek lubię grać, jedno wiem szkoda wydawać na nią realną forsę oferty są coraz gorsze przykład aktualne epickie szkolenie, nie będę komentował losowań z Tawerny, po prostu chcesz tu zostać to graj dla przyjemności nalepiej bez kasy, jakiekolwiek apele do twórców gry jest beznadziejnym pisaniem. Pozdrawiam wszystkich graczy i cały zespół small giant games.

Good luck to you and your alliance mate! Agree that if everyone would honestly boycott the spending for a month or two, maybe they might listen to some of the complaints that need to be fixed…

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Says the link is invalid.

Am quite a bit inebriated right now watching the Chefs/Bills game. GO WINNER!

Beer is good too.

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I quit spending after the telluria nerf and am happy I did. One of the greatest things about this game when I first started playing 3 years ago was that there wasn’t the constant pop us with some special deal to spend money. Now every time I log in there are 10 pop ups about whatever promotion is currently on going. The bait and switch was my last straw… I spent money and was lucky enough to get the hero I wanted and then they nerf them because they are too strong? Only to then release new heroes even stronger that the ones they nerfed? I’ll pass…


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