Quit/kick members! Is a new tatics on war!? : (

If ppl can’t joined the war immediately right as the join the guild, ppl shouldn’t quit the guild and their teams be vanished from the war field.

The team should remain on field until war time is over.
They are taking the low members after the first 3 flags and letting the opposite guild without options to beat weaker members, forcing us to use 3 flags on stronger players.

The rule should be updated.

Can’t join, can’t quit during the war time.

The player can quit the guild but the team remain until the end of war.

Sorry for my English. I hope you guys can understand the point

As members quit, they sacrifice their war loot and The remaining members are now worth more points. So it’s worth taking them out with multiple flags.

And if the low players are alts?
If the players quit… And if they was kicked?
They was used for flags? Since we normally use a good team to destroy on the first flags. They was use to attract ppl from same TP … So the enemy guild accomplished their point after kick them.
That players that was kicked lost their loot too.
Or the leaders don’t give a crap for their low players?
Is easy to says is ok until happened in your war.
The points can increase but you already lost option to re attack again someone that you can beat.
Many games, with this kind of war btw guilds, have the same rule… The team formation remain until the end of the war event… The player cannot be kicked. The player can quit but the team remain.

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I often wondered if sleeper members could join before a war and then quit during it to damage their team:

A) By removing any remaining offensive hits for that player

B) By removing a defense lineup that can stymy the enemy for a couple of flags

C) By forcing a redistribution of team points, making the remaining players worth more points when targeted by the enemy


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