Quintus with a 4* troop

I never thought I would consider this but I have way too many tabards (14) and I just recently pulled a ^4* purple mana bonus troop

No luck with pulling purple 5* except for Quintus.

If I get the mana bonus to as high as possible, Quintus will go to average speed ie 12 tiles - 12*17%= ~10 tiles

If that’s so he could be viable. Hmmm.

Am I dreaming or what

^Edit. Thanks @Shohoku79

10 x 1,24 = 12,4
12,4 > 12

His special will need more than 17% to require 10 tiles :frowning:
With a hero’s buff as Khagan or Sir Lancelot it would be possible but a troop caps his mana boost at 15%


I’m confused by the maths sorry.

  1. Are you saying even if maxed the troop, 15% mana bonus is the best I can expect?
    *EDIT: yes so silly, just checked the portal

  2. I thought I’ve read people on the forums calculating mana troop percentages by subtracting from the original tiles needed the mana bonus percentage multiplied by the original tiles needed.

For that reason a very fast hero only needs 10% mana bonus to reduce to 6 tiles because 6.5*10% is 0.65, 6.5 less 0.65 is less than 6?

It’s more like: how many bonus generation should I have to charge this special with X tiles?
If you need a very fast special to charge with 6 tiles you’ll need 9% bonus: 6 x 1,09 > 6,5

Hmm ok I didn’t know that, thanks. Still a bit confused but I appreciate it

Ok got it now i think. Mana troops are pretty useless then for Slow troops all things considered.

Most beneficial for very slow.

OK no way I’m maxing Quintus then I guess

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Kage is a possible purple Atlantis hero that is coming. Save mats for him.

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You could do the math, but this list is just easier to remember. These are the 4* mana troop levels that shave one tile off the charge time:

Very Slow - Levels 1 and 23
Very Fast - Level 11
Slow - Level 17
Average - Level 23
Fast - Level 29


While discussions are good and all, I can’t help but noticing the rating of the troop you are trying to pair with Quintus.

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You’ve got 14 Tabards but no ascended 5* purples? If you’ve got a huge cache of trap tools too, then it might make sense to go for it. Trap tools and other mats notwithstanding, where do you place your chances of getting two additional 5* purples better than the Q Dog before you get 4 more Tabards? It’s your choice, but I hope that perspective helps.

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So if I have a hero with a fast mana speed, then using a 4* troop with a 7% mana bonus is a waste? Am I understanding this correctly?

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It’s not a complete waste. The troops help in lots of other ways and that mana boost, while not shaving a tile off the time to charge mana in base circumstance can stack with other mana boost effects from your heroes to do so AND can fend off minor mana nerfs from opponents.

But ya, for the most part, you need that troop up to level 29 to see the mana benefit.

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A 4* mana troop below level 17 isn’t going to help a Slow hero fire its special sooner under normal conditions. If other specials help or hinder the mana gain, though, the 7% extra may make the difference. For example, if Guinevere has just stolen some mana from your slow hero, it may take one fewer tile to get back to full.

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Also, mana troops boost your attack number about 5% more than critical troops at the same level, and boost your defense about 5% less. They give a big healing bonus as well, but no health increase. I like mana troops better even when I’m not getting the mana benefit, which is rarely to be honest.

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Haha @Kerridoc we are on the same wavelength today.


Thanks very helpful

I have two or three TC20s running but my pull rate for 5* has been terrible.

I’m saving up for a ten pull. Maybe guardians if I’m feeling lucky enough to try for Panther

27 trap tools waiting to be used too, 4 for Rigard

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