Quintus? Wanna hear from peeps who have him

Just interested in hearing from people who have a maxed Quintus…

I have two of him (kinda frustrating seeing as fives can be hard to come by), but I was wondering if people see value in him. Everything I’ve seen in the forums so far is people choosing others over him.

I like the look of his tile damage especially for titans over others, and his special seems kinda massive. It’s strange to me Cos people seem to value azlar on defense but I see way less max quintus…

I have panther at 3.70, sartana and quintus at 2.60. Only three tabbards so max is a ways off for any of them and they’ll go to panther first but just got trap tools to take someone else to tier 3.

I also have azlar so max quintus probs won’t happen ever, and would top out at 3.70. I know generally people will say “omfg dude. How is that even a choice? Sartana for sure” but interested in hearing from people who have him and maxed him? Do you like him or regret spending the mats?


Azlar has THAT DoT that is simply hell.

I don’t dislike Quintus, but surely there’s some obvious better options out there called Hell and Panther, and it’s still more effective Sartana in every aspect.

I put him in the same league as Obakan, with Obakan more suited for Titans (more tile damage) but quintus lethal when he goes off in raids.

Finally, i prefer him over Domitia and Thoth, they have not so much impact anywhere.


I got excited and ascended sartana about three minutes after that post seeing as I don’t have a sniper as yet and figured that’s more useful to me right now.

I thought it might be the dot with azlar that people go Gaga over, but was wondering if the higher % damage initially with quintus was kind of on the same level?

Which of those purples have you ascended @Elpis?

I have ascended Hell and Sartana, sadly Panther don’t smile at me.
I probably go fo Obakan third, as titan damage is more important to me.

But i kinda regret not having a full Quintus for the event.


In principle, Quintus’ special hits harder than Azlar’s including his DOT. Quintus’ defense and HP are slightly better, but Azlar’s attack is better. So it may be that the reason Quintus is much less used than Azlar is that Azlar is better for color stacking, or simply that people who have gotten him had already other purples already to ascend and he was just left behind. I personally have gotten him and the next day got Sartana, so… Quintus is waiting on the bench.


I have quintus at 3/70. I use single color teams so I have Rigard, Sartana, Domitia, Obakan and quintus for raids and war. Remove quintus and add Wu for Titan. He does what I need him to do in wars and raids. I also have Panther making her way up the ranks and Aeron so not sure how that team will look in a month or two

I have a fully maxed Quintus simply because I have no other dark legendaries at the moment.

He is definitely strong in tile damage and during raids. I like having him around and under certain circumstances (attack boosted, multiple raid enemies with low health, etc.) he can be absolutely devastating. I have laughed out loud on several occasions due to the carnage he can wreak. He just received a boost with the latest patch which is also nice.

That being said, I agree with Elpis that he is inferior to other dark legendaries except maybe Domitia and Thoth. The lack of any additional status effect and the slow mana speed really kill him. If there are any buffs or debuffs in play (attack power down, enemies have boosted defense, etc.) his special is almost useless. He is also limited in use for titan battles as his special attack is only really useful when attacking multiple enemies. Sartana or Obakan will serve better in that capacity.

As far as Azlar vs Quintus, Quintus might do more damage, but Azlar will make you think twice about bringing a Rigard or Vivica to negate the burn damage, and thus forces strategic choices. Quintus just doesn’t have the same strategy aspect making him a little more limited.

Panther is excellent and I think Sartana is the next best choice for dark.


Ok this all makes sense. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that azlar dot is not affected by buffs/debuffs where all of quintus special is.

Thanks for the answers guys. Like I said I went with sartana Cos her and azlar make a better fit for my team. Have some options to stack different combos now so I don’t have a set team as such, but thsts the best option for me :o)

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Quintus was the first 5* I maxed. I did that because I needed a heavy hitter and I had the materials.

Boy am I glad I did. At 3-70, he was okay. At 4-80, he’s a whirling dervish of destruction. Like others have said, he can absolutely nuke an opposing defense when he fires. I have had him clear an entire raid board with one shot (yes, the opposing heroes were damaged, but none more than halfway). Paired with a defense debuffer like Grimm, forget about it. Not many enemies can survive THAT 1-2 punch.

Had I had a choice, I probably would have chosen Sartana too. But I didn’t, and you know what? I’m at peace with spending the materials. Quintus is worth it.


I’ve got Q as my only 5* dark hero. I held off for a month hoping for a better draw before I broke down and maxed him. Now he is hand down, the last 5* hero I pick to use in a raid. I’m debating whether I should raid with 2 Tibis instead of Q + Tibi. And my 2nd Tibi isn’t even maxed yet. At least with double Tibis’s I 'll get 2 shots of his SS in whereas I might never get Q’s SS in. I raid by doubling up against the tank’s color and I normally leave purple out when I double up this way.

While everything everyone else says about Q’s tile damage and SS power is true, it just doesn’t matter because his SS speed is slow. In theory it would be awesome to have Q’s SS wipe out 2 or 3 heroes in one shot. In practice, I hardly ever charge up Q until I’ve taken down 2 or 3 heroes and ghosted tiles through the holes.

I’ve got only 8 Legendary heroes on my bench and Q seems to be left on the bench more than any other. I think the best use of Q is on raid defense. Maybe as the tank if you’ve got strong yellows to flank him.


At 3/70 he’s OK. At 4/80 he’ll end your s**t. With extreme prejudice. Opinion from someone who fights against him often.

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I realize this is an old thread, but I have a quick update. I recently acquired Isarnia through a summon token and now have her at 4-50. With a bit of patience and strategic timing (and/or luck), the combination of Isarnia and Quintus is absolutely devastating. This has made Quintus immediately more valuable on my raid attack team. I still wouldn’t recommend him for raid defense over other dark legendaries, but just thought I would make mention of this.


I’ve also since pulled isarnia and azlar.

And justice and horghall and horghall and quintus. Fml!!!

Got a monopoly on slows it seems.

But I also got a second sartana and a khiona and proteus and so sadly quintus has dropped to the bottom of the pile. Behind even sabina :frowning:

Hed be useful, especially with izzy, but not the best option for me. Thanks for the mention though

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Just imagine Wilbur and mok arr at average Mana both…

Old thread, but perhaps kunchen changes quintus value when paired together on attack, might make it worth it to suffer through the slow speed if you can match a def down, cleanse, heal, followed by a massive nuke. Should wipe out at least 50% of opposing team health.


Kunchen + Quintus = Nuclear

To speed up the nuclear you can add Albi/Ariel/Khagan.

Khagan is much easier to obtain.

I prefer Wilbur with Quintus. Very effective pairing…provided that Quintus ever reach full fana.
Wondering how many tiles needed to activate the thunder ultimatum with level 15 mana troop…

Please excuse me, but I am going to hijack the thread with two newbie questions:

  1. Why does everyone dump on Obakan so much? Fast mana, along with perfect reposte and ramming pulverisor rolled into one seem like a perfect combo.
  2. Regarding Azlar, you mean his afterburn would not be affected by Rigard’s debuff?

Same with Domitia, why is no one sharing the love wither her? 410% sniper seems pretty good to me. Now that I complete derailed the thread I also wondered why everone hates on Elkanen and Kadilen as well.

He does not lower defense, if he did, then he would be much, much better :slight_smile:

PS - I have a maxed Quintus, he is useful when paired with Isarnia, for farming, for titans and when the very fast for all raid tourney shows up, isarnia & Quitus (or Azlar or Elena etc) are going to probably be on a lot of teams.

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