Quintus... the OG of dead-horse flogging

I have 6 tabards.
I have Bosswolf, Panther, Khiona all 4/80.
I also have a level 17 mana troop.

I was hoping very hard to get Kunchen. I know now that I will not get him after this recent run of pulls. I doubt I will pull at all in the next 13 days or so… so here I am… left with a weird, uncomfortable decision… Ascend Quintus or…

Run 4xTC20 in the off chance that I end up pulling Sartana or Domitia?
I’ve dropped about 200 trying for Kageburado. No luck.

I feel like, with Panther, Quintus (plus a mana troop), becomes a viable attack option.


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TBH, I’d probably let Quintus sit at 3/70 for a little while, rather than use all tabards on him. If you get to 9 or 10 tabards and still no better purple option, then send him to 80.

Another thing to keep in mind is Quintus is a sorcerer, in case you don’t have a better sorcerer already.

I love him now that I have him at 80 - nice attack stat and as @havok333 mentioned - one of the only free sorcerers . I don’t have panther but man that sounds fun :slight_smile:

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My thought is that the expected time to pull one of those two from TC20 is 90 days if you’re running all 4 continuously. But it could easily be a lot longer.

Sorcerer is really a decent class on offense, where tiles determine procs of the mana slow. If you think you’re going to be willing to use Quintus regularly in your purple stacks, then taking him all the way up and boosting him with emblems makes some sense.

Honestly, though, I’d wait to see what v20 brings. It’s not like those Tabbards have a shelf life :wink:


Hmm yea i keep thinking about tile damage at 747 but for a 5* he is pretty flimsy.

Ehhh ill just hold onto him. Maybe ill eat the other one.


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