Quintus skill tree (example of a disused hero)

Does it really cost 250 emblems to raise him a paltry 4% Quintus mana regeneration rate?
In other words, it goes from slow to slow …
And all this in the last step after leaving hundreds of emblems to get there.
Does this really make heroes in disuse, renewed heroes?
This is going to become M2W (millionaires to win).

You are champions … continue “improving the game” like this …


I really like Quintus in that class. I mean it, really like.

But yeah, that mana boost don’t have much sense.

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I like Quintus, but not to waste my climbing materials on it alone.
The improvement of Quintus must be important for me to choose him.
After more than 1 year I only have that purple hero of 5 stars.
(Also to Ricardo and Justice), only those three and only in the last 8 days.
And only materials to ascend to a purple one.
I can wait for Sartana to arrive at TC20.
Can you explain to me why you see Quintus so beneficial now?
It would be interesting to analyze Quintus since he is a hero that people consider the worst, to see how it can be with the skill tree.
Or simply the skill tree is a way to separate and give satisfaction to the P2W. To make them players who feel more exclusive.

Think of it this way, many people don’t like Quintus because his mana is slow, but his special is certainly nice if it fires off. So, by upgrading him, his stats will help him live longer and be able to fire that special.


To be fair i never thought of Quintus as “one of the worst”. He is not Sartana for sure, but he do a freaking lot of damage once he go off.
And i really like that kind of hero.

Sorcerer is amazing in attack, and i’m all for attack.


Thanks for reply. Quintus is not the best but maybe not bad.

I’ve just got the mats to finally take Quintus to final ascention. I have no levelled sourcerer and 67 emblems to use once I’ve maxed him.

Which way have people gone / would people go with him?

I go attack first because I want that guy to kill when he fires LOL. Then it depends on play style.

I agree. Accentuate damage on attackers, with defense as second priority followed by health.

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Still in the same position…

I have 3 of the Tomes - 1 needed
5 Damascus blades - 1 needed
7 of the 6 needed tabbards (these took me forever to get)
11 of the 4 needed trap tools

Should I ascend?

My other Purples are only Rigard 4/70, Cyprian 4/70, Boomer 3/60 and a recently aquired low level Tibertus.

Should I use the materials to max Quintus? I have 158 Sorcerer emblems and no sorcerers bar Quintus

Are you doing any pulls soon? If so, wait, of not, why not? I have been at this about 2 years as C2P and still haven’t gotten some S1 5* cards, so you never know when the next purple 5* who is better may drop if you don’t do pulls.

I actually ascended him earlier, going to max him ASAP while I wait for an event to spend some gems in.

My TC20s don’t really give me anything so I’m kinda stuck for people to level.

Now I have 2 purples to level with Tibertus being the other!

My only 5*s are Elena maxed & Quintus on his way now. Guardian Kong and Guardian Owl who I don’t see myself levelling fully to be honest

My vote is yes…

Remember the old saying a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. After his help from last upgrade he is now not just a door stop in my opinion

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