Quintus, Sartana, or Obakan?

Sorry if this topic is overdone. I’ve done a search for specific heroes but the info out there is sparse and subjective.

Currently my team is:

Sonya- Maxed
Tiburtus - Maxed
Scarlett - Maxed
Skittleskull - Maxed (Alternate with Melendor, level 8 special, tier 3 level)
Joon - Tier 2, level 8 special

I did a 10 pull and got Sartana, Quintus, and Obakan as well as Rigard.

I also picked up 3 Guardians from the last event: Owl, Jackal, and Falcon.

Additionally, I’m sitting on Little John from a training pull.

I’m severely limited on ascension items and I’m wondering who I should focus on leveling up. I’m also concerned about being ready for the next event, because my 3* team isn’t fully leveled:

Bane - Maxed
Berden - Level 5 special
Karil - Level 7 special
Balthazar - level 6 special
Nashgar - Maxed

If you can decipher this mess and tell me what you think, I’m all ears.

FWIW, I got lucky in my last 2 pulls but my first one I got 6 x Bane and 3 x Balthazar. So don’t hate me too much.

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I’d go for Quintus from personal experience

He’s an instant re roll for me, he wipes half of my team with one special

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I’m a Sartana fan, and I definitely suggest Melendor as a green alternate.


It would be cool to see Quintus and Skittleskull both blasting the whole team after a few blows have been traded. Might really wipe teams out.

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What are your intensions? Do the special event? Titan attacks? Raids? All important questions. If you just want level them up fast, then i believe its just run the respected colour famp FAST, then run camp 1/2.

My main concern is the special events. I need well rounded teams. I do fine against titans with my primary team right now.

Raids aren’t too bad but I still struggle occasionally.

Right now I have an embarrassment of riches and am trying to decide which hero to do first.

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I’d choose the one who would make the game more enjoyable for you, whether it be raids or challenges.

Sartana’s very useful in raid defense, raid offense, titans, and challenges. Quintus is so so for raid defense but not for titans or raid offense (since he is slow). For challenges Quintus would be great. Although I don’t have him yet it seems Obakan will be a really good hero to have due to its fast mana regen with multiple target damage.

By the way, any hero that has a buff against one specific color defense, e.g. falcon, jackal etc… is AWESOME against titans. Against a dark titan I use Ares to increase attack and critical, Grimm to bring defense down, Jackal to bring defense down some more against yellow, then joon and Lianna for the punch. It’s worked great for me.

For challenges, however, I think the single most useful hero right now is Alberich…get him while you still can.

This is just my opinion I’m sure others may disagree. Happy gaming.


Fast mana has always been my first and main factor when choosing. Thanks for the advice, guys.

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From what you described, sounds like you need a team for the advanced difficulty (5* and up) portion of the event.

If you want to just be able to finish it, Obakan would be a good bet. Reflect damage helps a lot and since his mana charge is faster than the other reflect heroes, he’s a good pick. Stacking him up with some healers and defense down folks and you should be okay to COMPLETE. Competing for top spot… sorry but i dont think you can.

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Unfortunately neither hero is very good when talking end-game.

I’m not really a fan of investing in mid-tier plays if you have other options; you do, Quintus really shouldn’t be in the discussion ;).

Sartana is probably the most useful of the ones listed; I’m simply not impressed with any riposte hero, and Obakan after the beta nerf, isn’t of interest to me.

For the rest, as someone said pick what your goal is and head towards that. Jackal and Falcon are amazing for titans as second (or third) yellow and red respectively. LJ > Skittle and he has some niche use on high level map but I’m unconvinced of that being a reason to level him.

As for event, I personally ignore the beginner one because the rewards frankly aren’t worth it… but if you want to try to compete there, focusing on your 3* team is the way to go.


Sartana >>> Obakan. Don’t overthink it


Sartana - fast mana and huge special attack can wipe out enemies in one blow (not bosses obviously). I have her and she’s great.

I have Jackal as well - he’s amazing. If you time the special on a boss with a yellow board you will crush. Falcon I’d imagine is great, but with the very fast mana regen you can be doing 154% damage with holy tiles or double that on a dark character. Add a bear banner, dragon banner, Ares or Boldtusk boost, etc. and it just gets better. He has high attack so even at maxed tier 3 he does plenty of damage.

The one thing for Falcon is that if he is the ideal element for the next challenge he may be better (so if the reflect is green).

sorry to necro my own thread, but now that Morlovia is here, I’m going to get my 4th trap tool, so it looks like Sartana is on deck.

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“I did a 10 pull and got Sartana, Quintus, and Obakan as well as Rigard.”
I found this from a google search and the 10 pull part got my eye. Was this something normal back then??? @Ravindau are you still playing???

I think he was just fortunate, seeing this thread from 2017 getting bumped caught my attention and mostly the fact that he pulled 3 5* and one 4*. :scream:
I would have gone with Sartana and never looked back…

Yes, Sartana would be my number one choice as well. Fast sniper, DOT, very resilient and versatile, useful in every possible situation.

I have all three. Obakan and Sartana at 80, quintus at 70. Sartana is a top hero. Obakan is fast but does zero damage. Quintus is a slug and dies too fast. Wouldn’t ascend Obakan again…

Of course Sartana. I have her as well and i’m in love with her :)))). I was curious about the pulls. That kind of pull seems impposible this days.

Yep I’m still playing. That was a pretty lucky pull. I’ve since picked up a second Sartana and a second Domitia since then. Lots of purples, not enough blues or greens LOL

Glad to see old players stick around. I started playing about a year ago. Really good game for a mobile.