Quintus or Sartana? Hear me out

I totally forgot the OP has Alfrike. Grimble eats minions and charges Alfrike… :scream:

I change my vote to Grimble… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I feel that unless you got the costume, it’s not worth raising a S1 hero at this point. I even started a thread back last year may regarding sartana. If I’m already that unimpressed by her on may, imagine her uncostumed self now

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Like the OP, I have a Seshat but at +18. I have Sartana’s costume too. I’m glad to have it, but I’ve never been in love with C Sartana like I was with Seshat.

That’s another reason why my vote is for Grimble first over Quintus. In this case, Sartana comes last. :sweat_smile:

Exactly, because OP already has seshat and c domitia. And grimble works in a dark stack even outside of a minion team. Outside of his snipers, his dark firepower is quite good already with alfrike and c tibs, so the best thing next for OP is imo more ultilty, which grimble excels at. So for me as well grimble>quintus>sartana

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Late yesterday when I picked up my 6th tabard from my titan loot, I went forward and ascended Grimble and am in the process of power levelling him. Thanks for all the insights, folks.


FWIW, I think that’s an eminently defensible choice. Hope you enjoy Grimble and his trusty goat steed!

Don’t get me wrong, I think most S1 heroes are way underpowered compared to almost every other type of hero. I was just saying that some can still have a use - personally I use Marj, Richard and Lianna in different teams. Marj is underwhelming, but she pairs well enough with Gefjon that it makes sense to bring her whilst I lack a second strong red hitter. Richard has good synergy with Kiril/C Kiril/Frida. I have 2 Liannas that have enough killing power to take out one enemy hero

I have a 3/70 Magni, 1/1 Magnis, 1/1 Justice, 3/70 Thorne, 1/1 Elena, 1/1 Obakan, 1/something Kadilen and Elkanen, 4/80 Azlar, 1/1 Joon, 4/80 Justice, 1/1 Sartana, 1/1 Quintus, 4/80 Sartana who all are pretty much permanent bench warmers in my setup. Justice gets a run in rush formats and Sartana does emblem quests and occasionally fills in at times, but that is about it. They just don’t provide enough oomph to get promoted over my other 5s and exceptional 4s

That is the principal reason why I have 2 Magnis at 3/70 and Marjana, the last among vanilla sniper to be obtained, at 3/70, even if I have enough ascension materials to ascend them to their final tier of ascension. I already maxed Lianna, Joon and Domitia long before costumes were introduced and was lucky enough to pull them using keys so maxing their respective costume versions was done without batting an eyelash as it made them far batter. Regrettably, I still havent obtained the costume of my previously maxed Sartana. But as long as keys are available from various sources, i.e. chests and Mystic Visions, and that the Masquerade event is monthly, a player is bound to get their costumes, sooner or later. Paying players only get them ahead of time.

However, if a player is still new or relatively new, or is a F2P or VC2P and doesnt summon much due to limited resources, these S1 snipers can still be usable. As they say, a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush.

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Unless your S1 sniper is named lianna or Joon, the rest are just too underpowered. Domitia is still kinda relevant, not for her sniping but only because she dispels. you’ll need to emblem them high for them to see use. And even then you’ll be stuck with vanilla heroes where there are much better heroes out there that can bring way more onto the table for what they’re worth.

Marjana is absolutely worth ascending too…especially with the rarity of red snipers. Until Gefjon, she was it. Even with Gefjon, a second red sniper is a huge benefit. Her burn gets fairly high and with that she actually puts out more damage than Lianna and Joon over a few turns. Hit a wing and let them burn.

You forgot to add “and spend on summons”. For those of us who don’t, raising a S1 hero is the default. My uncostumed Lianna and Isarnia are both still in my top 5 heroes.


Truth in that statement. I maxed Quintus and have zero regrets. I don’t have Rigard’s costume but Quintus firing after Tibs wreaks havoc. Especially if I 3-2 with a blue or red for Kiril or Boldtusk’s A boost . Here is the fellow so far:

His tile damage is solid too.

I know the OP already chose, but for anyone else who doesn’t have a lot of the latest and greatest there is no shame is leveling Quintus. He can still get you there there even if it isn’t fancy how he does it! :+1:

Good luck out there!


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My Quintus is 3/70 and will likely be the next purple I max. Rush attack wars was a big factor in that thinking.

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