Quintus or Sartana? Hear me out

I was in a similar situation a few months ago and was all set to give Quintus my next set of tabards. Then I drew Zulag and decided to hold off and give them to her instead, since I needed a tank. Then at Christmas, Krampus showed up, beat up my Quintus 3^70, took his lunch money, and put him on notice that all sorcerer emblems would be his personal property for the foreseeable future. So I’m no longer in that situation, but I think your line of reasoning makes some sense. I was hoping to get to try C. Rigard + C. Tiburtus + Quintus w/ emblems to see if it just decimated a raid defense. Probably be a while before I get to test it now - if ever - but you’ve got the personnel to try it if you choose Quintus.

How much summoning do you typically do? As FTP, I’m naturally inclined to level and use heroes that other folks wouldn’t give the time of day. Using the heroes you have is fun. Sitting on mats hoping for better heroes to show up is not (says the dude with a Thorne +16 that he uses on the reg.) HA 10 has given me a bit more pause, since the next great thing could be less than a week away, but even that’s a long shot. If you are doing a fair bit of summoning, waiting until you have more tabards has some merit. If you know you aren’t doing many pulls for a while yet, don’t overlook some of those “lesser” heroes. They have their uses.

Even three-stars? Before Krampus showed up, I took Chochin to +19, and I was all ready to do Gill-Ra and even Jahangir as well. If you aren’t sold on your five-star options in a class, might as well build up some depth for events and certain raid tourneys. They go fast and are cheaper. Did this with my barbarians also, since I wasn’t sold on Azlar. Now, I have a Nordri +20 for titans, an Azar +c19, a Nashgar +19, and a Namahage +11; the latter three were part of an A defense in last week’s raid tournament.

With the current minion meta, I also think Grimble might deserve more consideration than he’s getting.

Heck, before I was giving Sartana emblems, I couldn’t justify her over my Domitia +18. Unemblemed, she just isn’t a “king of the mountain” sniper like she was pre-emblems. Mine is at +12, and she gets a ton of work now, but without emblems, I found her underwhelming.


Very little. If I happen to amass enough gems for a 10 pull, I might do that, otherwise I take whatever TC20 gives me. I only pay for VIP right now.

No others, except the ones I mentioned, except for two other Quintus. Not even any 3* sorcerors.

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Under these circumstances, I think Quintus could be a defensible choice, since you have Seshat for your purple sniping and not enough emblems to make Sartana truly scary. He fills a niche role that you don’t appear to have anyone else to fill right now. Same can be said for Grimble, btw, and I think you ought to weigh his benefits before you choose. Very few heroes are truly useless in every context, imo.


Here is my mono-purple team I use in every war. Quintus is the finisher so to speak and 9 times out of 10 he will fire. You fire G.Panther and C.Rigard and he’s death.

I have also used C.Tibs in this instead before I got C.Sartana. It worked well but I had a Ranger emblem clash and I needed to change it around.

Since Quintus was one of the first 5* I had I’d say he’s now probably the most used hero I have. He keeps out other purples because his hit all is very powerful when set up right. If you didn’t have G.Panther I’d slot Tibs in there and the damage is just as strong. G.Panther is just great for the dispel.

So I’m very much in the “pro Quintus” camp.


I think she should definitely choose Sartana

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Argument for Sartana:

  • Decent hero. Seshat + Sartana firing in the same team will almost always result in a dead enemy hero

Argument for Quintus:

  • You don’t really have any AOE
  • Quintus following C Rig and Tiburkiss is quite a deadly blow.
  • Very useful for VF wars/tournies. I use C Quintus as tank in VF wars and he does well (yes he is half a step up from Quintus, but not that different)
  • Lots of emblemes available to maximise his potential

Argument for Grimble:

  • Crit up is useful in raids, events and titans
  • In today’s meta with so many minions around (including minion wars) his skill is handy and potentially has a huge damage output (max potential if unemeblemed - hit each for around 200, plus 3 minions * 400 HP = 1400 per hero = 7000 total. This would be very rare, but something like 2 waves of Tel minions would be quite common which is 200 + 200*2 = 600 per hero = 3000 total damage output
  • The mana up portion of his special is one of the most useful skills around - as long as you are facing Tel or other multi minion makers. I have two Grimbles - I use one in my purple stack against Tel teams and he often fires after Tel, bringing my C Quintus to full mana where he can land the finishing blow. The other Grimble I typically run as the off color insruance policy in a 4-1 stack. Get red tiles? Win. Get purple tiles? Fills red heroes. Win. Link: This is why Grimble is so underrated
  • He is extremely durable

My vote - Grimble. Second Quintus


With respect to Grimble, I think he is most effective when he has a powerful slow to charge up, and then only when there are minions. I’m seeing fewer and fewer Telly tanks, and don’t always have a lot of minions to face

So personally I leveled Quintus first. I think Grimble/Quintus will have a nice synergy


Lots of good points to consider, especially since I just picked up a tabard as Titan loot.

Agree here, as mentioned I use the two on mono purple

But I still feel Grimble has greater application

  1. Minion wars
  2. Tel tanks are still there - in low through to high diamond I am seeing about 3 or 4 Tels out of every 10. In wars Tel still seems dominant (top 100 alliance, not sure how top 50 or lower than 100 look like)
  3. Other summoner tanks are not infrequent - Bera, Freya, Delilah, Krampus (once you wait for the taunt to go) will all feed into Grimble nicely
  4. Summoners in non tank position are also not infrequent - you get lots of Freya flanks these days

You’re a bully :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yep. If the meta just shifts again to yellow tanks, I will be forced to utilize some of my heroes and split my dark heroes to 2 groups for me to form 2 formidable monopurple teams for war. Alas, I don’t see that soon, so i’ll settle for one solid monopurple team. Awaiting Sartana’s costume though.

@Homaclese I truly admire how you advocate for those less-loved or less-desired heroes, man. I truly do. Keep it up.


At the end of the day, the final decision rests in your hands, based on the available resources (food, feeder heroes, tabards, trap tools, etc.), play style, game stage, needs, emblems, usability, practicality, whether seeing yourself summoning in the future, etc.

Good luck and happy gaming.


Thank you! Someone has to speak out for those who have no voice.

My next project is Frigg. The poor lass is getting so much hate recently. I need to show the world how she is but a humble, underwhelming, bland, salt-of-the-earth, run-of-the-mill hero hardly worthy of anyone’s fear or anger


I have not seen this nickname before, but it makes me happy! :smile:

kiss cat

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LOL. I dont have her. Tried pulling for her and wasted around 6k+ of hoarded Valhalla Coins when she was first released. Didnt even get an S3 hero back then. I regretted using those Coins when I already mentioned somewhere here in the forum early last year that I’ll be summoning at the S3 portals when all heroes are already available, a lessoned I learned from S2 (which kept giving me dupes like 3 Mitsukos and 2 Ariels). Now, I dont have enough coins to summon 5 at that portal. I hated myself for wanting Frigg.

At least that is better than 0 Atlantis heroes…

S3 has been kind to me though, I have 4 in total. I really only want Lord Loki to complete me now, although either of the summoners would be fun

Well, that was the time when new season was thrilling enough for a lot of players back then since we were fed up dealing only S1 maps. Most of the players back then did summon monthly, either using free Atlantis Coins obtained from the newly-finished maps or from various chests, or through gems doing single or x10 or x30 pulls. Getting dupe heroes would be highly likely if one summon every month.

As someone with both C Sartana, and C Quintus, considering your roster and emblems, if you must choose between either I vote for Quintus. Even without costume, once highly emblemed, he packs a good punch. You already have Seshat to snipe and C Dom.

However, since you do not have a costume for either Sartana or Quintus, I would pick Grimble from the three. It’s unfortunate that S1 5* without a costume are junk IMO.


Not really junk, but not as powerful in comparison with recently released heroes. And this for very same reason that my 2 Magnis and 1 Marjana will be at 3/70 even if I have enough ascension materials to ascend them, unless their costumes landed on my lap. My Sartana was already maxed in 2018 long before costumes were introduced or made known. I was just lucky to be able to pull the costumes of Lianna, Joon and Domitia, heroes who I also have already maxed months prior to the advent of the new skins.

For me, what’s unfortunate is for Small Giant to “force” players to get the costumes of their Season 1 heroes in order for them to be at par with these new heroes. They should have been given through some quests or missions instead of summoning for them.

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I agree, but maybe because my roster is not bursting with S2/S3/costume heroes I do find uses for S1 heroes still. For example, I often take Marjanna along with Gefjon. Gefjon is a great hitter, particularly as she takes away minions, but she will never kill an enemy hero on her own. Her + Marjanna however is enough to take out most heroes instantly, otherwise Marjanna’s burn will do it over time.

That would have been nice, but totally against the rest of their product offering. I do think that there should have been some sort of benefit or bonus in already owning a hero - otherwise apart from qiuck levelling there was no benefit at all to already owning the hero, and it completely disassociates the costume from the base hero, making it feel like you are trying to get a new hero (which you are, really) rather than enhancing an existing hero


One more vote for Grimble, pair him up with Alfrike and go after heavy minion teams. He is becoming very usefull to me.

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