Quintus or Obakan

I already have sartana and she will be soon 80/4. But between Quintus and Obakan I’m not sure which one to ascend. Any thoughts on that? I found a another thread about Quintus, Sartana or Obakan but it does not really help.
My first thought was to go with obakan as I’m seeing him more than quintus in raid (I’m raiding 2400 and above cups). But at same time I really like Quintus special blasting all the team.
My brother also has sartana and is in same situation, hesitating between aeron and obakan.

Aeron is the clear choice for your brother.

For you it depends on the rest of your team, what your ascension items stock looks like and whether you have patience and $$ to try to get a better hero.

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I’m kinda in the same boat as you, I have a Quintus at L1, I choose to try Obakan. I have him at 3/70 and he’s meh, i regret using the trap tools on him, he’s very weak. I think Oba must be one of those 5* that doesn’t shine until they are fully ascended.

Thanks for you feedback

I will start ascending Quintus. The rest of my team is Marjana, Natalia, Vivica all 80/4 Lianna 54/4 and Kiril 70/4 (my raid defense). Sartana should be ready by end of next week as she’s not a priority at that moment. I’m focusing on Joon and my second Lianna. I just got my 6th telescope so I have to decide who between Magni and Isarnia will get them :slight_smile:

With all those snipers on your team, I’d go with Quintus. Obakan isn’t scary, just annoying. Quintus, although slow, is very risky to let go, esp if he’s got Kiril’s attack buff running.

Between Magni and Isarnia, I’d choose Magni. Hard hitter, and once his special is up he’s not as squishy as his stats suggest. OTOH Isarnia is great against titans, with her huge armor debuff. Throw a mana pot at her to start, and you roughly double your damage.

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Or choose Domitia with her new range of debuff :slight_smile:

Wait what.

I look at Obakan and Quintus and my first thought is tile damage first. Well, second thought. First thought is Sartana.

Quimtus being slow and aoe vs titans or fast sniper woth four rounds of riposte…hmmm

I have Quintus maxed and he is an absolute BEAST. Yeah that special can take awhile to charge up but when it does, WATCH OUT. He will do as much damage on all opponents as many snipers would do against a single. At 3-70, he’s very weak, but maxed, he can take a few hits. I tried a new raid offense team without him and I dropped about 400 cups; put him back in and gained them all back. I doubt Obakan would have a similar impact. I never worry about him during raids, but I def avoid maxed Quintus anytime I see him.

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Any thought on Boss Wolf? I got it from a 10 pull roll.
I will start ascending quintus for now.

I didn’t take care he is very slow. Another owl guard? I already have the original :frowning:

I do not care for the current version of Boss Wolf. He started with an extra skill, adding a solid defense buff to self and dearly, and reduced opponents’ mana gen by 54% (now 24%). That was solid, but then people started pairing Wolf with Guinevere. Oops. That pair was effectively unbeatable, so to address that single use case, the devs nerfed Wolf t what you see today. He should be Slow, not Very Slow, or do something new and dramatic when he fires, like cast a timestop on target.

To another point above: yes, with her new multi-target debuff, I’d put Domitia over Obakan. Whether she’s better than Quintus is open for debate and probably depends on what other heroes you’re running.

Quintus vs Obakan

I vote for Obakan, then for Obakan, and then for Obakan… there’s nothing to deal with

After long discussions I have ascended boss wolf. And I have him as my tank in raid defense for 11 months now :slight_smile:
But his time is endind, kunchen (23/4) or guenievre (28/4) will replace him soon.

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