Quintus and Mok-Arr

I am hoping that posting this will generate at least a small amount of positive discussion regarding two very disliked heroes. I currently hold both Quintus and Mok-Arr. I am sure that at some point, Quintus has wrecked your day either while raiding or while attacking in AW. His tile attack is good and he does hit hard. However, I don’t want to toss Mok away just yet without fully understanding him. I was wondering how many out there have tried him against Holy titans, and in other attacks using heavy purple teams. Exactly how much “increased damage to Holy” does he inflict?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. As stated before, I hope that the discussion stay productive instead of turning into hero bashing. Thank you.


Can’t answer Mok-Arr questions but will give Quintus love.

With the amount of mana generation heroes increasing, I’d say a Quintus grade is greatly influenced by your other heroes. Misandra and Alby are huge for him.

I’ve posted before that I think an excellent D team would be Alby-Guin-Ares-Quintus-Mother North. A fully charged dead Quintus popping back up is a worst case scenario for a raid team.

Lets keep an eye on the new cersion if Quintus after the cartoonich look that Zynga will add to him later this year.
Maybe he will get better … or worse ni clue.
After all it will be cartoon toon lol.

Lol! A fully charged Quintus raised from the dead after all other heroes have been beaten up a bit, would be a game ender.

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Here’s what you need to know about Mok-Arr and Quintus.

  1. 80% damage to each all through his SS is usually < 100 HP. This is not even enough to take down a minion…most of the time.

  2. Extra damage means a 50% bump. This is not just for Mok-Arr vs. yellow. Gravemaker and Natalya do extra damage to green enemies, it’s the same 50% bonus. Same goes for Zeline vs. blue and Athena vs. red enemies.

  3. Mok-Arr or Quintus by themselves are just brute force hitters. Mok-Arr has baggage that comes with his ability but it doesn’t change his strategic purpose. Quintus does the greatest total amount of unconditional direct damage of any hero in the game. Total meaning if you were to add up all the damage done to every enemy on a fresh board, he’d come out on top. Guardian Owl can do more if there are dead allies to boost his SS. But if you’re looking for simplistic stats that don’t depend on outside factors, Quintus holds the title. Azlar would take the title away if you included his DoT burn on top of the direct damage. Mok-Arr comes in 4th behind Isarnia & Rumplestiltskin if you are lucky enough to get Rumple to do what you want. Then again, if Mok-Arr faces a mono-Dark enemy team, Sharky does 0 SS damage so take that statistic as you will. The tactical difference between Mok-Arr and all the usual heavy hitters is that Mok-Arr is Average speed SS vs. Quintus, Isarnia and Azlars’ Slow SS.

  4. This difference can be critical in your game play, but it comes at a steep cost. 10 vs. 12 matched tiles doesn’t seem like much, but once you start playing to make specific combos work you will count tile matches and notice how often you end up one matched tile short of a combo. The usual stumbling point is at 9 tile matches because it is fairly common to get three sets of 3 tile matches. Getting that 4th set of 3 tiles would give you 12 and charge up a slow SS, so what’s the big deal? The advantage comes down to 4-star mana troops of level 23 or higher. That troop shaves one tile match off of the number needed to charge up an Average speed SS ability. Having a level 23 mana troop would make your combos work with 9 tile matches. Needless to say there’s no way to do this for a Slow SS.

Anyway all of the above is about Quintus / Mok-Arr as individual heroes. The real fun comes from color stacking them and putting teams together. Purple has some deadly combos that can put wide AoE hitters to good use. The problem is that these are all 5-star heroes. In the 4-star bench there’s Tiburtus for a defensive debuff and that’s about it. But in the 5-star bench there’s Panther for elemental defensive debuff and Khiona for attack buff. Combined with Quintus or Mok-Arr these three formed my purple trio and I’ve had a blast using them in raids and war. I’m still working on getting a level 23 mana troop but hopefully I’ll get there in a few weeks.


The particularly annoying thing about black tide IMHO is that enemies are immune to it. MoKarr would be a far improved hero if that mechanic were reworked.

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I would also mention that actually Quintus have a really interesting class, especially for F2P.
In fact he is the only regular legendary hero in that class (and a really cool class i have to say).

This make him much more valuable then before.

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My real problem with Mok-Arr is not that he does 80% damage to allies, it’s not that bad. My problem is that he does ZERO damage to purple enemies. That was the deal-breaker for me. E.g. if your only remaining hero is Mok and the remaining enemy is also purple, than you have lost bc his special then has no effect. We need a petition to change this. Maybe a slightly reduced damage or something, but then at least he would become playable.

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Yeah… doesn’t work that way more often than not.

I do have him at 3/70 bc I was curious how he would work. But I’m not maxing him as is. Precisely because of no damage to purple enemies. If that were fixed, I’d probably give Mok the tabards. Besides a maxed Sartana, I also have Quintus and Thoth on the bench.

What if the damage he would do to purples he would receive them as health ?

Lol yeah, I would not complain about that but no chance, it would make him OP.

I don’t have him but to be honest we need some op heroes…

P.S: I’m tired to see 100 Guineveres in Top100 :grimacing:

Thank you to everyone who weighed in. I am definitely going to go with Mok-Arr. He will definitely fit both my raid style and make my team a little more effective on Holy titans.

Adding to the Mok Arr love for mono teams…add Kunchen to the line up now, sick.