Quintin talent tree - sword or shield?

I’ve read a bit about the subject and opinions seem to differ a lot. There are those who say sword for a higher damage initial blow, in case he gets dispeled or resisted and there are those who say shield, to keep him alive as long as possible, the targets will be killed by colateral damage anyway. What’s your take on the subject?



Sword all the way. You need him to kill his target, not to take a cup of tea with it.

I would agree, at first sight and it was my intention to go full sword, but I’m running him at 4/80 +1, (no LB) so, with a much lower attack stat, together with Vela and Pengi and Quintin’s targets just melt away soon as Vela and Pengi fire. Full HP corner MoNo LB +20 dies in one turn, like a squishy 3*. Any cursed hero is a certain kill, unless the other targets are heavily buffed for defense. So this got me wondering if shield wouldn’t be a better option…

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Did you get the sword and shield mixed up?

Yes, thanks, I’ll edit briefly! Pics got mixed up :blush:

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Swords for sure x20 :dagger:

I took the Shield path. Paired with another fast blue AoE hero it’s instakill. If you don’t have a good pair then Sword is the way. It’s all depends on your hero roster.

Vela is my available option. 900 attack, 130% direct damage and 200 wather damage over three turns. Not as effective as Morel, but stil a dead sentence for Quintin’s target.

If you don’t use Quintin second ability then he is just a boosted Magni, a plain sniper.

I’m actually worried about him getting resisted by monks… like c.MoNo… that is a problem… higher damage might help a lot there, softening her up for a second sniper shot.

I would go attack path, he still will be tanky.

Go shields/health. He is a sniper in a sense, sure…but this guy is all about the echoes of pain! Whoever you target is a dead man (or woman) with a follow up hitter…even someone like Thorne would do the job with the right mana troop.

You don’t even really need the limit break really. Here is mine:

Whoever he tags is done for. Extra attack is not necessary at all.


So, what about the monk problem. C.MoNo being a monk is a real pain for Quintin…She’s usually hidden from tiles and might very well survive two sniper hits. That’s where high attk would come in handy.

Monks I usually try and avoid, but either way that extra 50 points on attack power isn’t changing it from NOT killing C MN to killing C MN unless it is in an extremely perfect range of health left for that situation to play out. You’re more likely to have Quintin JUST barely die from a hit that he would have survived if you went shield path IMO.

The real answer here is that it doesn’t really matter too much in the grand scheme. We’re talking about extremely rare cases where going one way or the other would actually matter. Max him and enjoy him. He will win you a lot of battles!

Thanks, he’s already winning a lot of fights without emblems or aethers. He’s my pride and joy at the moment, emblems and aethers are set aside for him. Stil missing one aether III, so it will be a while.

i always go full sword for snipers, if your hero gonna die, theyre gonna die whatever defense is, hes still got decent def though even you go full sword,

I agree and went with Def-Att-Hth for mine. Also LB.

Quintin is used to ‘mark’ whoever is the most dangerous, game-changing or hardest to kill. C Mother North is often his mark. He doesn’t really need the extra attack. Pengi (or whoever else) will finish the job while firing at easier to kill enemies. :joy:

BTW in my experience, Mother North (costume or no costume) rarely resists. However beware of the dodgers like C Kadilen and Hanitra.

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MN has rarely resisted my Quintin. I went full defence health path to keep him alive longer - i team him with cobalt who has charged to x2 when quintin is charged, so his initial hit doesn’t need to be boosted by emblem attack path as the extra damage from cobalts hit on 2-3 heroes is more than enough to kill.

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