🏰 Quintin – 5* Ice / Blue from Clash of Knights

Thanks. Fun hero I think.

Which Emblem path ? On the one hand he is still a sniper. On the other hand his main task is the damage multiplication, so he should live as long as possible to hit as many as possible.


His attack stat is already high. I’d choose def.

Can’t wait to test him on defense too. The attacker really need to pray for no tiles setting off other members after him.

Swords all the way. It would make no sense to go def>HP>atk for him.

Was also looking forward to using for MN, unless you have to deal with her costume which unfortunately is a monk. :frowning_face:

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Across the leaderboard Iβ€˜ve seen both versions.

Was lucky to pull this guy. Really wanted a blue hero for my def and to limit break. Anybody seen his LB stats?

5x5* in a x10… more than half of the unlucky pulls on entire AQ event :smile:

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Found this, such a beast.


I don’t know if Limit Breaking the hero is a good idea. His attack stat is now very high and could kill the opponent in one shot. The secondary skill don’t play a part anymore.


I think due to having a lot of potential target of Quintin like MN having a lot of hp and armor a high attack value is helping in getting rid of them fast. I would gladly take Quintin one shot of those heroes and lose the secondary in that case.


Just finished:

Will LB after the next ice mirages. Already have a Krampus limit broken.


I think when I eventually level mine I might pick the defense/health route for this guy. Attack is solid already and the target is basically guaranteed to be dead with subsequent specials and/tiles. Why not bulk up his survivability?


I had the same idea because he will get a place in my def team. If you only use him for offence the attack route is probably better trying to eliminate those 1100+ defence heroes.

I think Quintin is best used a marker for his secondary skill. You mark a opponent with a superhigh defence. Of course this opponent won’t be dead after a hit from Quintin. The next round your team hits the enemy with an fast AOE hero like Morel or Kadillen. The opponent with the marker will take all the damage done and will surely be daed. The high attack stat from Quintin is not playing a role here.


I think in a standard formation setup, Quintin is designed to take out those wing position heroes. Those ones are unlikely to be 1-shot by a full sword path Quintin since they won’t be taking much, if any tile damage at all. In the unlikely event where you get a diamond straight into a wing hero, theres always the other wing to fire on :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a question, what happens when two enemies have this ailment, does it duplicate damage from the first enemy to the second one. And because the second enemy receives damage from the first, it duplicates damage back to the first enemy. And then it repeats because the first enemy receives damage from the second, subsequently causing an infinite damage loop in one turn?

Funnily enough, this is supposedly the logical scenario to this skill

See the video on post 34 in this topic. Three Quintins in the team and they don’t create a loop.

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Sounds like there isn’t a consensus as to how to emblem this beast. I figure you want him to fire his special as many times as possible to hopefully impact multiple heroes. If you hit somebody you should be able to kill them or leave them close to death by the accumulation of damage so beef up his defense and health to make him a beefy killer.

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I went defense route. His skill will most of time kill the enemy after the hit. I believe this makes him more versatile, I use him on my def team atm.


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