🏰 Quintin – 5* Ice / Blue from Clash of Knights

thank for sharing, very nice video

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Who are y’all pairing Quinton with? I find myself in the position where when going rainbow… Or close to it… Who do i sit, pengi or fortuna… And i don’t want to sit either.

I’m also having the same issue with Hathor…

I like to use him at tank with average or slow hits alls . My two favorites are Hypnos and Ahmoose. My main raid team attack is pair with C Magni and Gaillard and just go with Prof and Mn for healers . Fast attack slow heal . You have a nice problem

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I have nyx… Vf aoe should at least kill the most problematic hero on defense.

I think i just need to make a team specifically for him… Maybe Quinton roughian waddles nyx and a healer… Then whatever the board is… I can neuter the problem heroes.


The three I like together is Quintin, Iris and Vela. All fast and all hit more than one. Targeted hero is DEAD.


Before I got Carmenta my favorite pairings for what I have was Quinton and Milady and Becky. I would imagine great with Hippo as well but don’t have that one. But Carmenta is definitely going to be Quintin’s best friend for me now. Spreading his Ailment to 2 others is just great


Hippo, Milena, healer Ludwig Quintin. Once ludwig goes off, I keep marking each of the enemies alive and Hippo makes sure they die.