Quick Reference Sheet and Graphics for HOTM, hero types, summon cost/odds

I have created some simple graphics to group 3, 4, and 5 star heroes by skill/effect and the number of heroes affected (just caster/target, caster/target and nearby, or all). I’ve also created some quick reference style graphics for the various monthly events and challenges. I welcome any comments/corrections/feedback.

Note: All heroes included without art represent information from beta beat and unreleased. Subject to (substantial) change. I added them for planning purposes.

Hero Graphics

Heroes that Heal

Heroes that Heal Over Time

Heroes that Add Temporary HP

Heroes that Revive or Resurrect

Heroes that Cleanse Ailments

Heroes that Dispell Buffs

Heroes that Boost Mana

Heroes that Reduce Mana

Heroes that Summon Minions

Heroes that Block or Remove Minions

Heroes that Increase Attack

Heroes that Decrease Attack

Heroes that Increase Defense

Heroes that Decrease Defense

Heroes with Elemental Defense Up

Heroes with Elemental Defense Down

Heroes with Elemental Damage Up

Heroes that Increase Critical Hit Chance

Heroes that Increase Special Skills Defense

Heroes that Reflect or Counterattack

Heroes that Dodge or Evade

Heroes that Share Damage

Heroes that Decrease Accuracy

Heroes that Add Immunity to Status Buffs

Heroes that Add Immunity to Status Ailments

Hero Mana and Troop Info

So You Want to Boost Heroes' Mana

Troops - Crit, Mana, Ninja

Forum Source - Guvnor

Summoning Costs and Odds

Microtransactions Cost Comparison and Summon Odds

Microtransactions Cost Comparison

Raid Tournaments

Basic Details

Heroes with "A" Grade for Bloody Tournaments

Heroes with "A" Grade for Rush Tournaments

Event and Quest Related Graphics

Tavern of Legends Planning Guide - Compose your teams and plan ahead. Don't be like me and either use your A+ team on first stage or leave it on the bench completely because "you're saving it"

Overview of the All Trials Quests

General Quick Reference - Not specific to any month/event

October 2020 Specific Graphics

Hero of the Month List and Where to Get them in Oct 2020

October Quick Reference

Change Log


  • Updated Microtransactions and summon odds
  • Added Section for Hero and Troop Mana Info


  • Updated to include released Ninja art
  • Updated emblem payouts from Trials


  • Updated all to include beta heroes (Return to Morlovia, S3, Ninja, HOTM) without art
  • Updated new Oct 2020 rebalance ToL summon odds


  • Updated: Heroes that Heal to include those that heal for damage dealt


  • Added: October 2020 Quick Reference


  • Updated Summon Odds based on new ToL release


  • Added Raid Tournament Category
  • Added Oct 2020 Category


  • Updated: Summon Minion chart to add Bera (placeholder until art is released)
  • Updated: Reduce Mana chart to add Skadi
  • Added: Heroes that Block or Remove Minions
  • Added: Heroes that have Elemental defense down
  • Added: Heroes that have Elemental damage up
  • Added: Heroes that have Elemental defense up
  • Added: Heroes that increase Critical hit chance
  • Added: Heroes that increase special skills defense
  • Added: Heroes that Reflect or Counterattack


Good stuff! Thanks for the hard work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is some really good stuff. Thanks for putting all this effort and sharing it with the community. Bookmarked for future reference. :slight_smile:

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Thanks VQ, this is so easy to read. Well done!

Thx for this, note that Noor is missing from those that summon minions

Fixed! Thanks for catching that. :smiley:

Great work, @VeryQuietly!!


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شكرا على مجهودك الرائع ومعلوماتك القيمة

fantastic I will be using these regularly and putting them into our alliance useful charts tab! Thank you!

Great job! I know that was a truck load of work! It will really help my small players. Thanks!

@VeryQuietly Lady of the Lake only summons Minions for herself and neighbours, not the whole Team.

Cool guides!

Lady Loki is not listed in the “cleanses” group.

Wow, really great work, immediately bookmarked.

But still a few grains of salt.
Regarding mana boosting heroes I am missing Misandra, Fenrir, Grimble, Inari and maybe Onatel.

Lady of the Lake only summons minions for herself and neighbors.

Fixed it, thanks!

…thats because reading comprehension is hard and I accidentally put her in the dispells buffs on enemy group. Fixed it, thanks!

Thanks for bringing this up. Misandra and Inari I totally agree. Grimble and Fenrir, seems more grey - they only add mana if there are minions to kill. Onatel, very possible to get no mana at all. I put her in the mana ailment chart but not mana boost.

Along the same lines, should I add the five HOTMs that have the mana gen elemental link (Seshat, Miki, Kingston, Neith, and Grazul)?

This particular chart was actually the hardest to make since it has the most subtleties.

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Thank you very much for the graphics, extremely helpful when looking at my roster and figuring out which front my team is lacking.

Just some quick ideas:

  • Heroes that Cleanse Ailments from Allies should include Guardian Gazelle in the cleanse all (Gazelle is more of cleanse 4 nor 3 so she’s a debatable case)
  • Heroes that Dispell Buffs from Enemies should have Guardian Charmeleon (though he also removes ailments from enemies)

Ok here with the mana boosting heroes beside Fenrir.
Any kill generates mana for himself, not minions only. Makes him very fast (6 tiles) after each kill.

Maybe you need one more category, Heroes that slow mana generation.

Thanks for the sheet and graph. Maybe some request sheet and graph about

1 hero with atk/crit buff
2 hero with defensive buff
3 hero with debuff def
4 hero with debuff atk
5 hero with AOE
6 hero with splash (same/minor dealt damage)
7 hero with snipe
8 hero with DOT
9 hero with mana boost conditional (margaret LJ)
10 hero with heal by dealt damage

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