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Can someone please tell me what they mean by AoE hero’s.

Area of effect, IE: Heroes that specials hit multiple targets or buffs/heals that hit multiple friendlies.

I was pretty sure that AoE is Attack on Everyone, meaning the hero’s special hits all opponents. That is what I refer to when I say it.


Area Of Effect is the original meaning of aoe, but in this game your understanding is of course accurate.


I thought so, thanks Maldoror!

There’s your answer, @Leebrind :grin:


Thank you everyone for giving me the answer. Its funny because I’ve been playing for a year and it’s only recently that I have heard that.
I really appreciate your help guys so thank you very much. Peace to you all.

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Nice. This is helfulp. Thanx

That is some information that it’s better not knowing literally but just generally.
Something like “meme” that people suppose to read “mimi”.

I swear, after this i can’t grow anymore.

Here are some useful concepts and abbreviations

HoT = Heal over Time (Alby, Ares etc)
DoT = Damage over Time (Colen, Sartana etc)
AoE = Area of Effect (Azlar, Zeline)
Buffer = Someone that increases friendly heros offence or defence
Debuffer = Someone that lowers enemy abilities (attack, defence, accuracy, mana gen, heal)
Dispeller = Someone who can remove buffs from enemies.
Cleanser = Someone that can remove debuffs from friendly heros.

Azlar has an AoE DoT.
Boldtusk is an attack buffer.
Caedmon is an offensive dispeller.

Feel free to add more :slight_smile:


Several mmorpgs I’ve played in the past actually refer to this skill as a Cleanser. Using the term self can imply Caster only like obakans special.

Good input!

Went with that term since these are debuffs that “cant be dispelled” printed on some of the new heros.

Tank = Someone that soaks damage for the rest of the team.
DPS = Damage per second - the number you should actually be minding as the meta for timed combat - challenges or titan fights.
CC = crowd control, silencers/stunners

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