Quick question on specials

Hi everyone,

I’m sure this is an obvious question but please could you clarify for me.

Regarding the specials of heroes, I have Tiburtus and Kiril on my one team and often like to fire their specials in the same move. As Tiburtus brings down the defence of the enemy/ies he hits and Kiril brings up the attack of all allies, does this mean that if if fire them both off I get twice the bang for my buck when attacking, ie greater attack points which do more damage to enemy as they have lower defence.

Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you are right.

If you use Kiril first, he’ll buff Tiburtus attack. But if you use Tib first, it doesn’t happen.

The order you hit is very important.


You also better to do Kiril special first so Tibu gets more attack in his special hit.

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You are correct. Attack up and defense down is a staple of success with this game, especially titans. That is why Wu Kong is a must have with titans. I use him along with Isarnia and three strong color heros and then I get to watch each troop cause 2-5K damage to a titan (minus the misses).


As people have already said, the order is important: Kiril then Tibertus. For that reason, if you’re using Kiril on defense, he should be on the left (or tank), not right, because the AImfires specials left to right.

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Right you are! That is why my Boldtusk / Gormek couple are so successful in raids. BT boosts attack, Gormek drops defense and they charge at the same rate, so I fire them on the same turn! Colen usually follows close setting survivors on fire…

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