Quick question for special abilities. (Natalya)

Those that have increased damage to a certain elements.

  • Is the special increased by a set percentage?
  • Do the heroes tiles (troop damage) get increased as well or is it only the special DMG.

More specifically Natalya’s 700dmg. How much is it vs nature compared to other elements.

  • are dot damage true damage or does defence effect them.
    (I could test this just lazy and about to go to bed.)

(Depending on new event heroes. I’m wondering if I try for Natalya or save my gems for next month.) Thank you in advance if you take the time to help me out with this info. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

  • 140% against weaker element (you can see it in 1.8 release note)
  • Only special damage
  • It depends on the equipped troops if i’m not wrong
  • Defence don’t affect it (cool) but buff not affected either (not cool)
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I believe that in play-testing it was established that Natalya’s power against Natrue was only 120%, not 140%. She post-dates that 1.8 release doc.

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The worst was I is read all release notes. I should of thought about reading back. But thanks alot for that info good stuff :slight_smile: