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I don’t have gravemaker and my telluria is about to be maxed. Telluria and my maxed vela or obviously going together. My issue is my fire heroes. Which one of these would work well with them? Khagan(yeah i know lol), boldtusk with or without costume, wilbur? I’m stacked in dark and holy so fire is the issue.

I been raiding with telluria and khagan and if 1 goes off its a easy win. It works 2 ways. Telly goes off and it keeps khagan alive long enough to go off and that mana gen has all my heroes full of minions. Khagan goes off and basically the 1st scanerio happens. They work good together.

Im leaning towards khagan.

I wish khagan was average he would be a great hero. I cant wait till he gets a costume.

I’m not sure from how you’ve asked if you’re talking about your defensive raid team or an offensive raid team.

I’ll assume defense.

What’s the rest of your defense team look like? A rainbow defense is often a good idea, but don’t be restricted by it. If you have a 2nd of a color that works well, use it, just don’t put them next to each other in your lineup.

Im talking defense. My plan is sartana, vela, telly, ?, joon. Freya will replace sartana eventually

That’ll be a great D team no matter who you put in that spot, honestly. If I imagine coming up against that team, I think I’d be more concerned with BT (no costume) more than Khagan or Wilbur. Having his heal go off on top of Telly’s HOT, and boosting your snipers attack power into one-shot range is great.

I’d put him on the left flank, though, so his buff would effect the rest in the event that specials went off at the same time.

Sartana - BT - Telluria - Vela - Joon

What are your other leveled 5s? I ask because I run a non-rainbow defense myself:

Finley - Ratatoskr - Sif - Vela - Natalya

and I’m wondering if there isn’t an even better option using 2 of 1 color.

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Not really. Elk, throne, and more vanilla

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