Queuing in Training Camps

It is great that we don’t have to train heroes one by one,. I mean nice to have that +/- buttons to manage the queue for the same training type. This way we don’t need to check our phone every 1/2/10/30 minutes or so. It would be really hard to interrupt our sleep cycle, or our work :rofl: wouldn’t it?

So Queues are great! Why not have more?

Assume you have 7 backpacks and you want to get those 1/2* heroes from TC2 to quickly level up some more for incoming war. But too bad, it is already 2am, you need to wake up at 7am and cant afford to wait for it. So you check if you have enough Recruits and Wooden Swords to fill TC1 queue enough to match your sleep time, but no you dont have enough. So what you end up is going for TC11 and getting only 3 heroes.

If there was a type-independed queue like those in some RTS games, you would just add those 7 backpacks for TC2, then whatever wooden swords you have left for TC1 and then 24 hours of TC11.

This would also help to minimize Idle Training Camp time.

And it would be even better if there is an option to edit the queue order!


Based on what your saying you sound like an active player so not sure how your getting idle tc’s .

I have 4 running 24/7 none stop 1 at tc20 (in the past as I stopped for now to increase feeder amounts as I have to many heris to feed so atm that one is running an element tc.) 1 at tc11 for storage and 2 which alternate between tc 1, 2, 19 and the element spacific tc’s and none ever have time to rest with my storage always having around 6000+ recruits in it and that is with all other tc’s having at least 3 to 10 days worth of training in each.

Maybe look at how or were your farming to give you the needed resouces.

Personally I need more tc’s, lol

it is similar for me, tc20 as ham and recruit storage, others are tc1,2 when I have enough backpacks to sleep on them other times it is always tc11. i’m a bit unlucky getting enough backpacks. I’m constantly broke…

so that’s why I’m proposing this considering other players also having the same situation.

let’s say I got only 9 backpacks and 36 or so swords.

  • each TC gets 3 backpacks for TC2s (1.5 hours)
  • queue 12 swords for TC1 on them (2 hours)
  • queue TC11 on them for 9 more hours

this way I can leave those training camps unattended and get the most out of my mats

Two tc13 continiously running on low cost(food and recruit bank). Two tc20 for a chance on legendary heroes. Once completed, I run the extremely cheap and fast recruit to finish off the piles of rugged clothes. Then continue with the legendary chances.
Its quite fun to be able to feed up to 10 meals to a few heroes at once.

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