Quests you do, Quests you don't

Just wondering which quests people do (not events I mean the normal ones)

Do you only do the gem quests or the recruits? Do you avoid battle item quests?

What quests do you think are worth your world energy?


All gem and recruit requests, otherwise only the quests numbered 2

I only do rare quests and recruits II when it has a token. Nothing else is worth the flags imo.

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I think the quests could do with a shake up really.

If people only bother with recruits and gems, the battle items seem redundent

(though there may be loads of people doing battle items, maybe we will see in the thread!)


:+1: I do the same…

As a personal preference, I do all of them. Most likely because I casually play, I don’t really use WE flasks unless I feel the need to, I don’t Gem skip to next monster chest either.

There is no rush for me to get my level ups, usually WE charges at a fast enough clip for me, and there is always enough time in between monster chests and time allotted for these quests are usually ample enough.

Just me though.

I don’t do any of them aside from rare ones, they’re geared way more toward new players. I don’t want to waste 20 energy on 3 minor mana pots/heath pots and some arrows. I’ll just grind the world map.

The OCD in me makes me want to complete them all, but from time to time I won’t do the iron or food one’s if I’m full. Still, for some reason, it bothers me when I don’t do them.

I know the recruit and battle item ones aren’t all that great, and I usually never need the crafting items either, but I can’t help it. I. Must. Finish. All. Quests.


Here are the Quests that I do

  • Find Battle Items - Only if it has a Raid Energy Flask on the challenging level
  • Gain Experience
  • Find Recruits - Just the first level for 15 recruits
  • Find Recruits II - Just the first level for 15 recruits, I will complete this quest if it has a Epic Troop Token
  • Collect Gems
  • Collect Gems II

I fully agree that most quests are pretty useless (and also boring due to the low difficulty) for advanced players.
Food and iron Quests are mostly relevant for beginners.
Find crafting Mats gives way to few to be useful.
In find recruits only the first stage is superior to 8/7 on the map in terms of recruits/world energy. The occasional troop coin is awesome though.
The second tier of the battle item quest is okay.

However, a shake-up, in other words more useful (and also harder = more fun to play) Quests would be awesome. In the “requests” section, I created a thread regarding this one or two weeks ago: Adjust quest difficulty/rewards to cup levels So please vote and/or comment if you also like this idea

@topic: I usually only do the rare Quests, the gem quests, and the first level of the recruit Quests (of course all three if there is a troop coin in Recruits II)


If you are looking for XP, every 3-4-6 Energy quest is worth it. If you do not care for XP they are usually worse than just farming 8-7 on repeat.

Recruit I - first stage is worth it, second and third isnt
Recruit II - first stage is worth it, second and third isnt (unless a token in third stage, then go for it a 100%)
Battle items II is worth it when it has a raidflask (at least for me because I like flasks in any color)
Rare Quests ofc are all mandatory
Gem Quests I and II I always do for obvious reasons

You have to find out what you want/need and decide.


All quests…for Xp points

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But there are several quests that are worse than farming the map xp-wise. Battle Items II and Crafting things II is bad for XP, also the one with the grey token is mediocre.

Most of the time I only do rare quests specially now that I can’t beat all the levels.
But if there’s something interesting I’d do Battle Items II and Recruits II. If i’m about to lvl up I might do the XP and if I’m missing few gems for a summon I’d do the gem quests, but these are all situationals.

sharing my coppied notes:

Quest/Mission Level Notes Special Loot
Find Battle Items II (Uncommon) 2,3 Do only if you need items 2 Axe Attack + 2 Potent Healing Potion , 2 Bomb Attack + 2 Super Antidotes / 2 Super Mana Potion + 1 Raid Enegy Flask
Gain Experience (Common) All Definitely do 2600, 3250, 9975 Exp >>> 15k, not 10k = 5k+ XP
Collect Gems (Common) All Definitely do 1,3,6 Gems
Collect Gems II (Uncommon) All Definitely do 3, 6, 9 Gems
Mine Iron (Common) All Definitely do for Exp 10600, 13250, 33250 Iron
Scavenge Resources (Common) 1,2 Definitely do for Exp 4800 Food, 13250 Iron
Gather Food (Common) All Definitely do for Exp 4800, 6000, 15000 Food
Find Crafting Items (Common) All Farm for Exp 1300, 1700, 2850 Exp - ??? REALLY ???
Find Recruits II (Uncommon) 2,3 Don’t, do 8-7 or higher instead 25, 35 Recruits NOTE: L3 sometimes has unlisted troop summon token

I do the following, both I and II:

Gain XP

I used to do Scavenge resources just for the summon token, but now I think it’s a waste of world energy. I’d rather farm in map provinces. All my training camps are maxed and I use two of them to get a chance for a legendary hero every day. The summon token rarely gets you a 3* hero.

Even if I’m an advanced player I do all the quests, no matter what I gain and no matter the difficulty. I haven’t got any proof but I feel like that in doing so it helps me getting elemental chests more often than my alliance’s mates.

But again, no proof at all. :slight_smile:

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Even the food and iron quests? I stopped doing those as soon as I maxed all mines and got all farms to at least lvl 16. Actually, I don’t know what to do with all iron now that I maxed almost all the buildings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i wonder… :face_with_monocle:
could be… :thinking:

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I see a lot of people doing the XP quests, other than the odd world energy as you level up, what else does leveling up give you?

I’ve really never been bothered by what level I’m on so now I’m wondering what I’ve missed!

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