Quests should be for all level players not just high level players

M’y first post.
Started this game 2-3 month ago, Just taking monthly vip

Finally i finish rare. Was 16000 in the first Day, now im 234000 Just 1 Day after…

epic is still impossible, boss are too strong for the moment, and m’y 4* are only rank3 need item for Last rank

If you can finish évent do it but forgot rank, its for p2w player (Will you be able to have 5 nahamage lvl 30??? Never without pay, so no need to run)

If you cant, do Just first stage and stop it.
Dont use gems or things like this. Dev love gem and whale. Same in all game with big rng. No offence we know where we go :slight_smile:

With five leveled 3* heroes, I finished the easiest difficulty with next to no items. I’m not 100% sure, but I think just an arrow attack to blind and a couple of mana potions to get my heals off. The Rare level is definitely possible, you just need to grow a little bit more. (It helps to have a choice of leveled 3* heroes, of course – if you’re stuck using Prisca, Renfield, Dawa, Graymane and Carver, it’s obviously going to go poorly…)


LOL oh, wait… You are right oh, wait…I am NOT saying the 3* raid tournament DUUUHHHHH.
I am saying something for the weak players ONLY. Yes the weak ONLY, not a level 60 player that can field maxed out 3*s with full array of emblems and 3/15 troops. NO I said a player that can NOT field any team of 4200 tp. I am saying a player that can MAX field a team of lets say 2100 tp. Let them win stuff you can get by farming S1-8. That way they can WIN something, make it FUN for them. In turn should make them want to get batter and try BIGGER challenges. I think it would help the weaker teams enjoy more.

Once again - that’s what the first part of the world map is for.


Now if that happened Deckard Cain, wouldn’t have a story to tell.

Ps I do hope it was a whirlwind barb!!!

@ OP - as you progress you can level your heroes and get stronger and do the more difficult missions…
Even I was just like you and tried w my 2400 TP team for Darts and Tabards and failed miserably…but that was then :heavy_plus_sign:



People wanna help you, but before you start giving advices and requesting answers you need to read more than the 2hours you have now and visit more than the 26 topics.

I suggest reading some topics from here Master List of E&P Links
and afterwards ask away what will be still unclear to you.

I dont know how old are you, but as it is in school, in order to make an resume of a book you need to read it first and try to understand it.

I, for one, I am willing to help you as long as I see that you are willing to listen to the more experienced out here that give you advices.

p.s. ofcourse not all have patience, not all give advices, not all treat you as a new player.
so have patience and dont be discouraged. you’ll see that the way this game is designed is to make you have more time-fun than most of the other games of this type.

“see” you in a couple of weeks :wink:


I totally agree! I quit the game a while back out of frustration and recent came back. I’m a mid-tier player. My best team at the moment is about 3900. I have 30 heroes over 70, but only 3 going on 80…I can’t get the mats! I play everyday, at do all the quests, I fight in every war, battle every Titan, etc. I’ve spent way too much money and gain nothing. This game rewards the very top tier players, and those of us that have started later have no possibility of catching up. HUGE issue, imo. What to the rest of you feel?

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Speaking of Diablo (awesome game btw), I had a lvl 18 chargedin that could kill lvl 80 characters in duels. My WhirlWind barbarian with 2 BotD kicked ■■■ too. Man the memories :smile:

Back to topic, I partly agree with OP. I mean, I understand where his frustration comes from. When I started playing this game everything in it was slow and tedious. Long waits to upgrade buildings, not enough world energy to play S1 maps, not enough heroes… I started playing during Christmas event and I was so frustrated that I couldn’t finish a single mission that I almost drop the game.

This game needs events for new players too. Having to wait 3-4 months to be able to finish rare tier for the first time is crazy. Not everybody knows how to beat events with the heroes RNG gives them. And not everybody waits for that long tbh.

A simple solution would have been creating raid tournaments and events tiers for 1* and 2* heroes. Players could use the first 20 emblems the game gives for free after maxing a few heroes. People would be competing in events almost right away. But SG staff forgot emblems were supposed to upgrade low level heroes too and missed a golden chance to improve the game for beginners. Too bad.

Oh well, not every game can be as good as Diablo I guess, lol.

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There are 1* and 2* tournament in beta but maybe they didn’t make it to the final cut. What shall I do with my 10 maxed 2*? :roll_eyes:


I only got 5 maxed 1* and 2* so I guess you’d have the edge in those tournaments :thinking:

But I don’t have leveled 1*… I’m beaten at 1* tourney :woozy_face:

Huh? Rare is basically farming. If you actually want to compete you’re going to drop $$$ into this game. And we’re limited to 3* heroes and 2* battle items, just like you are.

In other words…lighten up Francis!

How are ppl supposed to compete in a 3* tournament when they can’t get mats. Don’t you know how hard is it to get tall boots?
It’s impossible to get tall boots, I mean I would actually have to play the map and go farm, that’s just sounds impossible

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By trying to be sarcastic you’re missing the point. To get into the top 3000th and win a simple epic troop token in any rare event you need at least a few world energy flasks, plenty of axes and arrows, and a deep bench of 3* heroes. Farming 8-7 wont get you anywhere in events. Boots? Ridiculous…

Is it worth the effort to be competitive in events? I’d say no but there aren’t many other options to get mats for 4* heroes.

I don’t think SG will make any 1* or 2* tournaments. I read most beta testers were against it.

Axes, arrows and Mana pots probably yes, a good bench definitely, but not necessarily World Energy Flasks.
I played every level only once and I’m ranked 1100th currently.

@ main topic
Quests are for all players. Everyone is allowed to try.

Rare difficulty can be finished after a few weeks of active playing. A rather good rainbow 3* team + a few extra heroes (fully leveled 2* or partially leveled 3*) is enough to breeze through levels 1-9. A sensible use of items pulls you through stage 10.

Epic difficulty is usually beatable after 2-4 months of FTP playing (payers get 4* earlier and can choose which ones to level up, so they will be able to finish earlier).
A sensible mix of 4* heroes at 3/60 or better and the right 3* heroes (Gunnar/Kailani are fantastic if you don’t already have Wilbur) are necessary, as well as the right items for the last few stages.

Legendary difficulty can be beaten after about 4-8 months of active FTP playing. You don’t need any 5* heroes to complete that difficulty, but a rather good choice of 4* heroes and at least a few fully leveled. I did my first legendary event after about 4 months of playing with Grimm and Boldtusk at 4/70,Kiril at 3/60, Skittleskull at 3/?? (had no 5* heroes nor any other 4*) and most of the regular 3* heroes (there was no Atlantis at that time). Gunnar and Kailani saved me several times, the few time stops, dragon attacks and whirlwinds I had saved pulled me through the last stage which took ages to complete. Can’t remember whether it was Pirates or Guardians of Teltoc.

To sum it up, the monthly events are for everyone. However, you need to build up the right teams to be able to complete the three tiers. But it is Not endgame content for high level players only nor is it necessary to pay anything in order to finish. I even think that there should be another fourth difficulty tier beyond legendary which is directed at very advanced players and which requires a very strong hero roster so that also those 10k+ players with a rainbow 5* team at 4/80 and many fully leveled 4* heroes have a hard nut to crack.


Needing flask for top 3k on rare? You serious? You just need to slowly play it. If you need world flask, you can gather them slowly and save up a few months like I used to. I got into top 50 in legendary with just one 5* maxed out. I just saved my items and my flask for a few months.
If you want to excel in the game you either need $ or endurance

Getting into top 1100th on the first try, not bad.

I forgot to add good starting boards/good luck is also needed to rank high. Without good boards people definitely will be using a few flasks. A complete beginner who lacks the right heroes will be using lots of materials and flasks to get the prizes. That was my whole point.

I wasn’t talking about myself here @Checker , I’m in top 400 in rare tier right now. I used a single flask to level up and have more hits on a titan but that’s besides the point.

OP is asking for quests and events for beginners because he can’t participate in events with the level he has right now. He lacks heroes and mats. And we all know events are for everyone, TomSnow, nobody is arguing that. I’d argue that not everybody can participate in events tho. It takes months to get there and when players finally get there, they’re up against high level players with deep benches.

I’m in favor of more quests and events. If SG created a 1* newb event for beginners or a super legendary event for high level players it would be great for everyone.

Too bad many people in the forums don’t see change as a good thing and they just argue about the little things.

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If people on here are arguing that quests are for all players now, well i say to you, go start a brand new account now and tell me how many of those quests you can go in and win any at all.

People keep saying that i shouldnt expect to be able yo be competitive in these quests since ive only been playing for a month and I keep saying i dont expect to be competitive in ALL QUESTS, they just need quests for players tjat are new to the game where all new players can enter and no players with maxed out teams can as its not fair.

You guys go play with the big boys and the newbies need their own quests where they have a decent chance to win.

You do know that all the “big boys” were newbies to start? All of us started in a similar position to the one you are currently in. There are plenty of quests and opportunities for new players already.

Even if there were events with lower level caps or lower TP caps, you would not be competitive at the top compared with others because of your still limited knowledge of game play.

Basic quests have three difficulties, just because you cant FINISH all three stages doesnt mean it is not appropriate for beginners.

People keep on conflating the idea of being able to finish ALL stages of an event/quest as what MUST happen for them to feel satisfied. Personally, this is a very “off” mindset to me.


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