Quests should be for all level players not just high level players

Im talking about all the event quests and quests that are fun to play and give players something good for a reward. Not just the ones to get extra iron or food and things like that.

This is my first time ive played the Riddles of Wonderland quest and played a few raid tournaments now and tried to do a few previous quests, but from what ive seen, they are geared mainly towards the higher level players and the players with the best teams have the best chance.

My team is only rated about 2400 and i struggle to even get past the first one of some of these event quests. Only recently in the last week or so where ive leveled up a bit can i now beat the first stage (where you need a minimum of 2500 tp, sometimes lower like 2100).

Maybe they could have difficulty levels in these quests so people of all levels could complete them or go off what level you are instead so new and old players can enjoy all these events ?

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Wonderland has 3 difficulty levels. You probably want to try to complete the first one, but make sure to at least fight the first stage on the other two to get a score which gives loot. When you first join a game, you often will have trouble if there’s some special event coming up really soon, but you should be much better for the one next month.

Check the strategies thread, and the guides, as they will help you, the recommended total power is a guide, but it’s normally beatable short of that amount.


Some quick questions.
Did you read the advice for beginners?
Did you follow or ask questions here on the forum?
Things like making at least 3 rainbow 3* teams first before your first 4* rainbow team & if you happen to get a 5* as tempting as it may be do the others first. If you didn’t do any of those it’s going to be very hard for you.
Having 3 rainbow 3* teams gives you the ability to color stack making your team stronger in these events.
I have 6 months in and can complete them all. 3*'s are easier to level so you should be able to get a full rainbow team in about a month.
Just my 2 cents hope it helps
I’m sure someone can link the advice forum info in here for you also


We’ve all been in that same position when we were still growing our teams. It was probably a year before before I could complete an epic quest- and I felt great pride!

Add another 6 months before I finished a legendary. Granted, I’m a slow learner and other players have probably got a shorter timeline.

I never felt cheated or envious of stronger players as it’s just a right of passage. Now I try to encourage our new players and assure them that one day they’ll be strong enough, too.


I’m not sure someone with your user name ought to be arguing against challenging tasks… :wink:

Of course there should be a progression of difficulty. I mean, is this your first video game ever? It’s how they almost all are built.

Nobody whinged that it was unfair that Diablo couldn’t be killed by lvl 3 Barbarian…

Let’s leave the feelings of entitlement behind and embrace the notion of earning something through practice and effort over time.


I just want to compete in these and have as much of a chance as others to get decent rewards.

Im currently stuck on level 8 in that Alice quest on the easiest difficulty. My current level overall is 17 and im ranked like 200,000.

Any high level players can still enter the lowest level quest with all their maxed out 3* heroes while i only have 1 3* hero maxed and no 4*s at all either.

Also, ive never played Diablo or any other game like this before, its my first game like this.

Thats the thing, one day i will be strong enough, but they need quests for people that arent that srrong yet or really new to the game. They have alot of stuff for the players that have been playing this game for ages, but not the people that havent been, to give them a chance at some great rewards also.

Oh my goodness…

This game is a marathon, not a sprint!

As others have mentioned there are three different levels of difficulty in the event - you’ve just started so it’s an unrealistic expectation that you should be able to complete the legendary stage - some people have been playing this game for two years not two minutes.

A double dose of patience please?!?! Develop your hero’s and next time you’ll be better able to complete the harder challenges.


I really do understand your frustration, but you also have to realize that all of us responding to you have put in the time and there weren’t any easy paths for us either.

When we preach patience it’s because we’ve all been in your shoes and understand that this is how this game is played.


You just want to be able to compete in the events on equal footing with players who’ve spent 20+ months gaining experience, collecting materials and slowly developing heroes… just without you having to gain experience, collect materials or develop heroes.

I get it now. That seems totally reasonable.

You should write a tersely worded letter.


Ok guys, preaching is fine but there’s no need to be offended by a new player wanting to participate in an event. All of us have been there in the beginning, no?

To the OP, it’s difficult to finish events without enough maxed heroes. More than rainbow teams of 3*, you need good hitters / heroes with good tile damage, and some buffers / debuffers, and also a forge to craft some battle items. Without those you wont be able to get good scores and good loot, sadly.

Events are not something you can participate in without having enough resources and heroes. I don’t think they’re geared towards high level players only, but it requires time to get there. I reached top 3000 in the rare tier after playing for 4 months. Last month I reached top 400.

tl;dr it takes lots of time to play this game


FYI, the Rare mode of Challenge Events only allows 3* heroes at maximum, so 4* heroes wouldn’t help there.

As for maxing 3* heroes, it just takes time. You won’t need any items that can’t be found by farming the World Map Stages, unlike 4* and 5* heroes that require unfarmable Ascension Materials that take time and effort to acquire.


And with 3Star raid tourneys now added to rare events, leveling a few three star teams makes a lot of sense, even for teams loaded with 5star heroes

I have spent almost a month leveling 4 teams of 3Star heroes. Just finished rare Wonderland with my Rudolph/Squire/Rudolph/Hawkmoon/Rudolph team

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Yes but i think high level players shouldnt be able to enter these events. Thats just like me playing in the under 9 soccer team or racing a little kid in 100m race, they have no chance

Actually it’s more like not allowing Wayne Gretzky’s kids (3stars) to play because he happens to have been a 5*

High level teams face restrictions on their teams as well. It’s actually the first time most new players can faceoff against long term players on reasonably even ground.

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Following this logic a demoing football team should participate in CL only because it is composed of 11 players.

I’ll start by saying I’m P2P for the most part and I’ve been pretty lucky from jump with my 3/4* pulls.

Now, I started late last November. My first event was the Pirates, my best heroes were Layla and Balthazar, and my healer was that yellow panda. Safe to assume I couldn’t complete the rare stage and I couldn’t finish the normal side of the Christmas event either.

Wonderland was next. Even with an unmaxed rainbow team and Belith as my healer, I was able to complete the rare side with a score north of 400k.

Now, I can complete the epic and rare levels a few hours after it starts. Most of them are still unmaxed :joy:

Just keep leveling your heroes and buildings. You’ll get there.


I have preached for a long time to get something for the “WEAK” to play in. So what give them some farm-able item for placing good. STOP the strong teams from even getting in them, like a 2100 limit on team or something like that. Make them learn how to fight and set up their teams, they would enjoy that way more. Make the game FUN for people learning the grind.

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@JackieChanBruce when I first played this game I couldn’t even finish the first three levels of the 3* event or the seasonal quests.

1.5 years later - - - including many months of tears and frustration and two attempts at quitting the game for good - - - - and these levels are fairly standard

As others have said, and I know you understand this now, you can’t hurry love


I’m sorry, I get the impression you not only want to participate in the events, but you want to win too? You’ve only just started playing this game - it is hard to sprint before you learn how to walk. I’m sounding terse and I apologise… But seriously!!!

So, the athlete that trains every day to compete at the top of their field should be disqualified from competing for a local sports activity because they’ve been training for longer? Higher level players are the benchmark for where we aspire to be.

Should Le Bron James stop playing basketball because he’s too good. Or perhaps someone should have told Leonardo Da Vinci to not paint so others’ scribbles could be put in museums?

Rant over… I’d advise you to prepare your heros for the next event - you do get loot for participating regardless of the level you reach.

Good luck


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