Quests not filling standard chests

I had a standard chest at 0/100.

I ran the first stage of Find Battle Items

I ran the first two stages of Mount Umber

My chest was still at 0/100!

I then filled the chest by farming the map and that worked fine.

I’m using an Android phone and running version 35.0.0 Build 1406

Was this an intentional change in the game or is it a bug? I haven’t found any reference to it on the forum nor in documentation.

I filled my monster chest via Mount Umber and Class Trial quests this morning. It worked correctly for me.

Will you take a video of you doing a quest and it not filling the chest?

I filled it via the map after not getting any credit for my quests so I can’t take a video right now. I’ll take a video tonight when I have another chest to fill.

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