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Doing the quests for battle items, recruits and other everyday quests on auto and not getting ingredients needed for higher end items.
How about a lll (3) set of quests for those ingredients needed in higher forge levels or for more recruits for a couple examples.

Fully agree that higher tier quests would be great. A few weeks ago I made a similar feature request about adding tiers III and IV for advanced players:

In a few words: Low level quests remain for bronze and silver players while higher ranked players get higher tiers according to their cup level.

I think this would be the best way as bronze players already struggle with the existing tier II quests. On the other hand, platinum and diamond players with several fully leveled 4* or even 5* heroes can autoplay through most of the quests + the rewards of many quests aren’t of much use for them anymore.


“Great minds think alike!” I hope a dev is reading.

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To piggy back off your idea, I wouldn’t mind seeing more use out of 3 star heroes, besides the challenge event’s rare level (which I personally don’t even do because the loot is not worth the flags and there is no way I can place rank…yet), These quests would have to be WORTH doing for everyone. Here are a few appealing reasons.

1 - Provides a “stepping stone” goal for newer players to max their 3 star heroes for these quests
2 - Veteran players that have already taken time to max 3 star heroes will already have heroes to use
3 - Seasoned players that skipped maxing some of their 3 star heroes will want to go back to work on them
4 - Players that receive a new 3 star hero will ask themselves, “Can I use this one?” instead of, “Bleh, more food!”
5 - 3 star Atlantis heroes will get a lot more use (dev took the time to create them, they should have more value)

As I mentioned, the 3 star hero quests would have to be worth doing. Obviously we can’t make the prizes the same for new players and veteran players. Maybe the prizes could be based on player level or maybe their raid tier (that might deter cup dropping too).

I absolutely agree that there should be more possibilities to use 3* heroes, in particular as they will also have classes and skill trees to level them beyond 3/50 in one of the next updates. If the monthly events with their poor loot remain the only use, hardly any advanced player is going to even think of levelling them further (even beginners will probably wait for 4* heroes).

However, the higher tiers for quests won’t work with this. Tier III (in case it should get implemented) will probably have a similar difficulty level as the already existing rare quests (Farholme, Mt. Umber, …) and thus be pretty tough if not close to impossible for the average player with a 3* only team. Tier IV (“epic quests”, if implemented) would probably be as hard if not harder than the last levels of the advanced X-Mas Challenge :fire:

But I would definitely be happy to see quests / dungeons / whatever which are limited to 3* (or 3* and 4* heroes or certain classes) in addition to the currently existing quests and the tier III and IV quests @Railrodder-004 and I are requesting here.

I don’t think they should be based on your cup level, but offered to everyone.

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A veteran player is not going to do a 3 star quest for arrows, but a new player might need those arrows. There has to be a way to make it beneficial for all players without overly rewarding new players.

I think offering higher tiers to bronze players only leads to frustration. Someone with 2000 team strength already struggles to finish tier II quests and won’t have a chance if the first level tier IV, for instance, has mobs with 1500 and bosses with 5000 HP.

On the other hand, as @FinishBJ already said, some of the current tier I quests are completely useless (food, iron, find small potions and arrows) + all tier I and probably also tier II quests can be auto-played with a good 4* or 4*/5* team.

Quests should be doable on the one hand and rewarding + at least somewhat challenging on the other, I think. Therefore, different tiers according to cup levels (or another similar parameter) guarantees that quests are interesting for all types of players, beginners as well as very advanced ones :slight_smile:

I thought of a couple of new Quests that I would should be considered. Collect Mats 3, with 4* mats guranteed, and Battle Items 3, with 4* items given. Same operation as the 2 existing, just harder and better loot. Thoughts?


I’d say yes for the battle items and as much as I’d like mats it would just be too OP plus that what the rates are for

Even for crafting materials? I figure it’d be one Orichalum Nugget and one Dragon Bone on the final level. Maybe 2 of each if the difficulty is high enough

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