Quests for Loot tickets

Loot tickets are one of the feature which I really like to use. They can save time and prevent getting bored from replaying a level. It’s quite easy to run out of them, though. I would appreciate a quest, which would focus on these guys. Perhaps in two tiers, one would go 1 -> 2 -> 3 and the second 1 -> 3 -> 5

This would be nice. Just like we have a gems quest in two levels, a quest for getting loot tickets would be very nice and helpful.


I agree, I’d like it too!

I would like this, because I am the ultimate lazy farmer! :grin:

That, and loot tickets as an item we can craft in the forge with some of the thousands of herbs, feathers and leaves I have gathering dust in my inventory!


Voted for this great idea!

I agree.

I still think it’s weird that E&P is one of the few games that makes you use items to skip/repeat levels that you have already beaten.

I get it from a financial perspective (paying for tickets). I just find it annoying.

This was a player request. Farming without the tickets is one of the reasons I’m considering taking a break from the game. It’s just too annoying

I love those little tickets, bring more into the game please.

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@EmpiresPuzzles @Petri @mhalttu, Quests like this would be perfect :kissing_heart:

I think we can expect to uncommon scavenge resources, in here as well. SG introduced this quest in the other game just few minutes ago. Food, iron and challenging mission - 5 loot tickets. I know they said another crew is in charge of PC, but I think they speak with each other, especially because PC is just a copy of E&P, but with weapons instead swords. So, would be unfair, stupid and outrageous, this uncommon quest to not be introduced in here as well.

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Was going to vote for this. Turns out I already did.

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Guys and gals at Small Giant:

In your other game Puzzle Combat, you have a Scavenge Resources II quest, where the rewards for the last quest are:

You guessed it, 5 loot tickets!

Can we please have this in Empires & Puzzles too?? :grinning:

Edit – screenshot of what @Scarecrow said


To buy would be nice too🥺

A definite yes for this.
It wouldn’t need to be a huge amount that we receive.

It could be

3 energy = 1 ticket
6 energy = 3 tickets
10 energy = 5 tickets

I would say
1 ticket every 5 energy,just
because people paying for a VIP and having only 3 tickets in 24hrs…or of course change needs to be there as well to raise to at least 10 in 24 hrs + whatever could be decided on this matter :roll_eyes:

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Just dropping this thread linky link in:
Revamp / Update the "QUESTS" - New Uncommon and Rare Quest Ideas

Covers off updating / overhauling most of the quests not just one for Loot Tickets, but loot tickets is definitely included :slight_smile:

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