Questions regarding Kellile and DoT Special

Just finished up a raid where I was facing a Kellile and had one of my own. I noticed that the opposing Kellile hit me with with her special and I was receiving 67 damage per turn whereas when my Kellile hit the opponent, they received 50 per turn. This brings a few questions to mind.

Firstly, I realised she was buffed recently and her DoT was made stronger. I had her before the buff but surely it would apply with an update and I wouldn’t get stuck with an old weaker version of Kellile. That would ruin arguments to keep average heroes in case of a buff.

Secondly, would troops make a difference? As soon as I finished the raid (I won, whoooo), I got out to check her special again on the card description and it was different again saying that it did 276 damage over 6 turns which is different AGAIN with 46 damage per turn… I thought maybe as I was out of battle the troop buff was not being applied.

Lastly, I don’t think this is the case but surely the level of Kellile wouldn’t make a difference. Mine isn’t fully levelled but the special is. The opponent’s Kellile was fully levelled.

Am I going crazy? Plz halp.

DOT specials are calculated based on the hero’s base attack stat as well as the level of the special. So, as the hero levels up, the DOT goes up since their attack stat is going up. Base attack stat is affected by the attack modifier from troops as well as the 20% stat boost given to raid defenders, so those can also affect the final DOT damage. Buffs/debuffs don’t affect DOT, though.


Awesome thanks. So at the moment, each level I go up for Kellile will increase the power of her special based on her attack stat going up? Same goes for troops levelling up. All this time I thought that whatever the special said on the card was the definite final damage regardless of anything else. And as for the buff thing, I meant a patch update ( recently Kellile as a hero got buffed) rather than an in battle buff such as Kiril +30% attack etc.

You are correct, she did recently get a buff to her DOT. I always did think it was on the low side, considering Colens DOT, which hits everyone and counter-intuitively, does more damage. I remember reading somewhere that the computer-controlled defense get a ‘boost’ to all attacks, like 10 or 20%…something like that. I’m can’t find the thread right now or id redirect you to it…sorry. Best of luck on your raiding. LATER! :wink:

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