Questions on Valhalla heroes to come / featured hero per month

I do consider putting some gems around 30k into summoning during Next Valhalla event. I do have few questions and hope someone can clarify on that…

  1. What is the rule of choosing special hero of the event? I remember last time it was Gefjon. Do we know what hero will appear during November event?

  2. How often they add completely new heros into Valhalla summoning pool?

  3. What will be a future of Valhalla in 2021? Do we already know or they haven’t announced yet?

There isn’t really a rule, but it has already been announced that Odin is the hero for November. See this post:

The thread that contains that post has pretty much all the information we have about the remainder of season 3, including the answers to your other questions.

Thanks a lot!

Seems like Odin will be very nice hero :slight_smile:

I changed the thread title to make it more descriptive :slight_smile: and i think your questions have been answered, so (for forum cleanup purposes) probably your thread can be closed/merged, and discussion continue in one of the linked threads / beta threads.

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