Questions on Inari's dodge

I have inari in her third tier special capped and I just have questions about her dodge not working on attacks with burn at the end of it… I have purposely made sure to have my special ready for azlar and not one time have I received a dodge minion for his ales attack. any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Just bad luck it sounds like.

If I understand good you heroes will burning from Azlar. Burning/Poison can’t summon minion. If Azlar attack you when buff was active, miss and you don’t get minion this was bug [but if I good remember(probably not) Inari have a CHANCE to summon minion]

If you have triggered her special and it hasn’t stopped a DOT from landing on any of your team that would be odd. But it certainly could happen once or even twice in a row. If it happens three time, I would think you have found a bug, and I would make a point filing a bug report.

Note that once the DOT hits, Inari will not help…the DOT will continue to burn. That is expected behavior.

it’s just seems that attacks with a dot u can’t dodge the dot so even if she dodges the initial hit the dot would kill the minion immediately this can’t be working ■■■ intended. I have only tested against azlar and kelile so far but it’s been 0 times against azlar for sure

If you doge the special, the DOT shouldn’t stick. If you don’t dodge the special, I would expect the minion to act as a meat shield and absorb the initial part of the damage. I’m not sure if that’s what they intended, but it is what I would have expected based on how other minions work.

same I was hoping someone else had tried cause one of the main reasons to have her was to stop some of the characters with massive dots.

Does this problem happen for any other DOT or DOT-like effects? Like Natalya, or GM?

haven’t used her on those yet because I have been fearful of it not working lol. shy I came to ask hitting diamond arena lot of graves need that dodge to be a little more dependable or she will be benched

I ask because Anchor’s grading video shows her dodging GM. I just went back and checked, and you can see it at the 4:55 mark or so. So I’m wondering if this is something peculiar to your Inari, if it’s something that happened between beta and now, or if you’ve just been unlucky.

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As of this morning I can confirm that DOTs don’t take on a dodge from other Heroes. I can’t confirm Azlar as I only faced one and he died before he could cast.

yeah that’s not cool cause blind actually causes dots to miss. this has to be a glitch cause that makes her just way to easy to counter

I may be misreading @Hcmitchellr but I think it means “can confirm Inari does dodge DOT” which is certainly how she worked in beta.

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I will text got this but I have literally never received a dodge azlar but will dodge like two players after him

I’ll go try to find someone with Azlar and see. She does dodge other DOTs for sure

I appreciate it I will try record some vids

I have dodged Azlar and Colen. Also Sartana.

If you dodge the initial hit, you don’t get the DoT.
If you don’t dodge the hit you get the DoT and that will deal damage each tick unless it’s cleansed off, you can’t dodge DoT ticks.

It seems like really bad luck. I use her quite a bit raiding and of course there are raids where I dodge a lot less than I’d wish but I’ve also had the other extreme where I’ve dodged mutliple AoEs and had 2-3 minions on each hero. that’s the nature of chance effects.

I managed to get one board this AM, where inari special was active and Azlar special triggered. Inari’s special acted as expected an protected two of my heroes. Who then got a minion.

However, one of the minions disappeared immediately. It happened too fast to tell if maybe that was from a normal slash attack from one of the other enemy heroes. Azlar was on the far left, so it is very possible.

The hero with the minion remaining, gained mana as expected.

It was really hard to get Inari’s special to be active when Azlar launched his special. She is far too squishy to hold her special…she kept getting killed. Or I would trigger a cascade that would set Azlar off early. What a pain.

it appears that even if you dodge you can’t see it though his burn and most times his burn kills the minion before they are ever active. that’s my experience personally and it’s weird cause he is the only character where this happens

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