Questions for Green (and yellow) heroes


attached you can see my actual roster. I’m quite satisfied for the moment, but I don’t know, if I’m still on the right track.

Due my lack of gloves, I can’t really ascend too much, I have to save. If I had 5+ gloves, I would think about levelling Chao, but he’s is one of my least priorities.

After King Arthur is max, I will level Wilbur with all my red, green and yellow feeders. After that, I will bring Elena to 3.70. I really think of bringing her to Tier 4, if I have no better hero by then. I think she is okay for a f2p, though I would prefer having Marjanna.
Eventually I will level Kelile in between, because I don’t have any roques yet, though I would prefer getting falcon or Danzaburo tbh.

I will finish King Arthur and switch then to Miki. Yeah, I know: I probably should level Kiril, but I really need some Titan-Power. Kiril will be next pretty sure. If Miki is at 2.60 or 3.70 I probably max Kiril in between.

Here I have the best heroes… I will finish Seshat, but I’m not sure, what to do next. Either Domitia at least to 2.60 or maybe 3.70. But Tiburtus and Ameonna sure would be nice options. Can’t decide here really. 2nd Proteus would be nice for war, but I totally would level all the other non-dupes first!

My weakest color, obviously. LX and Wu are okay with +4, but I need the remaining emblems for Wilbur, even thinking of resetting LX. Panda lost his emblems to Boldtusk.
I could use Chao, but have no gloves. So I’m stuck. Fed away multiple Pandas, LXs and Wus. Don’t know how to proceed here.

Also very difficult, can’t decide what to do next. At the moment, all of my green feeders go to other colors.
Jack O’Hare really is a beast, but tbh: He will lose his strength with his emblems. And Seshat is waiting and will get them soon.
Then I only have a Caedmon left and an unemblemed Jack, which is pretty weak…
Should I start know with leveling a 2nd Caedmon? Or start LJ?
I have to Horghalls, but one will stay at 1.1, the other at 3.70, at least as long as I don’t have 12 tonics.

Please help me, mainly with what to do with yellow and green!

Thank you!

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With yellows, do not reset Li Xiu as she pairs really well with Proteus. For greens, start on LJ because when he goes off his mana cut and delay is VERY good. Save your remaining monk emblems for Wilbur. Li Xiu is fine where she is at. You have a very impressive roster @MarcelloMartello. For purples imo, level up that second Proteus asap!

But: Why?

Second Proteus is for exactly two fights per week: A second attack in Alliance wars.
I can’t use a dupe in defense, raids, titans.

I really think, the 1st Proteus was THE game-changing hero for me. But I really can’t see the use of a second one over all the other useful purples in my roster.

Red - Wilbur then Elena
Blue - Arthur then Miki (very good for titans especially green ones)
Purple - Seshat then Tibertus
Yellow - do nothing
Green - do nothing


Thank you!

As I lack yellow and green 5 stars (okay, got Horghall, but I dont think he counts for me), I think of my future defense. Is any of the classic Yellow 4 Stars or Caedmon suited for defense at higher ranks? Maybe Diamond?

At the moment I have as my defense Team:

Rigard - LX - Ares - Caedmon - Grimm

For the nearer future I think following team would be my best choice:

Rigard - Caedmon - Ares - Seshat - King Arthur

So I have a cleanser, a debuffer, Healing, Buffing and also some hitters. What do you think?

I will try to save all my druid emblems for Caedmon, because he will be my only really green hero after resetting Jack… Rigard gets all emblems anyway.

Do people in plat/diamond still use rigard in a wing position on defense? I feel like an average speed healer in the wing position will often not fire before getting killed. And the few times it does fire, there might be only 1 or 2 heroes left standing on defense team.

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I agree with @AirHawk but would level Muggy and Arman. Both unique, should provide value in raid tournaments, etc., and won’t cost you any ascension materials.

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I really don’t know, I wasn’t there long enough.

What would be your idea? Having him on flank? At the moment he still is my best pure healer, I would prefer him over BT or Sabina.

i personally would use Li Xiu instead of rigard in that defense line up

Yes. I tracked my first 567 raids in August; here are some results relevant to your question:

  • Rigard showed in 44 of those raids, which is a lot.
  • He was the 24th most common hero I encountered, of 113.
  • His most common position was wing, with exactly half of his appearances.
  • As you’d probably expect, flank was most of the rest, with 19 (leaving 3 Rigards at tank).
  • That said, I only lost once to teams with Rigard. Draw whatever conclusion you’d like from that. Like most four star heroes, I rarely find him threatening and am often very glad to see him (or any four star) in a lineup. Basically all of the four star heroes posted very low win rates.
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Nice data. I this from plat or diamond?

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Almost entirely Diamond. There are a few nights were I got kicked out and would need a small number of raids to get back in. Though even with ~2,300 cups I would often still roll a player in Diamond anyway. The average team power I was fighting was ~4,100, which is clearly Diamond level.

If you want a more extensive view, I posted it here.

Second Proteus is totally useful in a lot of ways, for sure vs. tough bosses in quests where you can keep delaying the special until the other one’s special runs out. Maybe in raids too, I haven’t done that but given that he usually goes off after the tank is dead you could freeze both flanks and unleash tile hell with impunity.

I have Caedom+18 on my raid defense in order to have rainbow defense. Caedom, Aerial, Mitsuko, Seshat, Joon. I raid in Diamond and stay in diamond overnight with that defense.

I would try the following defense:

Cademon - Grimm - Ares - Rigard - LX

The important abilities are on the left with the fast hero in the wing and Rigard in flank should load up fast enough to be effectiv.

I do a real mayhem with 2 Proteus in 4* tournaments. In over 90% of my attacks, I actually block all 5 heroes of my opponent simultaneously. So you see, 2 Proteus are better than one. Not only at war :slight_smile:

In general I like the outsides to be fast or very fast. Mana speed is quite important on defense. The ideal is probably to have two very fast and two fast on your defense or 4 fast.

Anyways just something to think about

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