Questions after Avalon Event

Hello to all empires crazy people;)
first congratulations to Zero, Wharflord and Pandemic Disease for winning the event.
I have managed all difficulty levels but only played on beginners for points, it has been enough to a good 63 place.
but my question is, how many points did you have on beginners in each level, especially how important in the last level.
I have the feeling that I have since left some points.
I hope you could read this, it was translated with google translator.
love greeting zulu

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@Xero786, @Wharflord, (@Pandemic Disease):

Please read above. :wink:

Here’s my level breakdown. I got extremely lucky on the last level in only my 4th attempt. I got a 12x combo on my 2nd move and another 10x combo as my first move on the boss level, which immediately killed both Morgan and Guin. I know Zero has posted his scores in the past, and expect he’ll do so this month as well :slight_smile:


Hey! I actually forgot to take a screencap of my final scores but here is what I had for most of the event

The changes are:
Stage 6- 78,951
Stage 7- 82,269


@Xero786 I am gobsmacked with your scores, I must be missing something major to be over 100k under you.

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you just need to bully those boards :wink:

I thought I could go in and take screenshots of my scores after the event was over. Woops.

I do appreciate you guys posting scores. It allows players like myself a benchmark so I know when a stage has more or less room for me to try and brute force a better score.

I was pretty happy with my stage 10 score, and was still 16k off Zeros lol

I thought I was doing well on the Intermediate challenge then got lolsmacked from #1 to #8 in a matter of two hours not long before event’s end :scream_cat:

Hard crash of my Guin-avatar and non-Leonidas yellow hero dreams, gotta say :disappointed_relieved: But I think I prefer that to being #2 with 200 points behind. That would make me so salty I’d turn Vistula into a new sea.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for posting your scores :unicorn:

As a side question to the veterans - am I right thinking that I didn’t really stand a chance without Falcon or Jackal or am I just making excuses and being bad instead? :thinking:

I had 34 flasks hamstered away over 4 months, but I seemed unable to really get much improvement on my scores at some point. Maybe if I rolled one of those 12-combo boards, but I can’t really count on those now can I :grin:

Either way, it’s gonna take a while to build another 30+ flask stash before I can try again. Good luck to others in the upcoming events.