Questions about Troops and Barracks [MASTER]

I seem to be amassing troops.
Can they be leveled up like my heroes?


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Some after you upgrade your Stronghold reach level 10(i dont remeber exactly, i assume 10 or so) and you will be able to level them up like your hereos as well.

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It’s upgradeing right now to level 9 so will find out in about three days.


You need to convert your farm or trainer camp to troop camp by using 220K Iron. Then you will able to level up your heroes.

Convert a forge, not a farm or training camp


I can only agree here, in my opinion, only a forge should be used for the troop camp. All other buildings are “to important”

Can someone say for certain what I should upgrade to level up the TROOPS?

I’m being told 3 different buildings.
I can’t see it being the forge, that’s seems to be for crafting items

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Get your Stronghold to lvl10.
Convert a lvl5 building into Barrack.
Train your troops in the Barrack.

The suggested lvl5 building to convert into Barrack is a Forge


Forge is best. You get more forges than the typically available resources can support being in constant use.
Once you reach higher levels, you’ll need all the food you can get from farms for hero and troop leveling, and all your training camps for either making heroes of rare or better quality or for making lower troops to feed those rarer heroes to level them up. Once you get up to stronghold level 20, you’ll be probably wish you could ditch another forge to swap for a farm or camp.


the buildig you will miss less is the Forge, so thats the building to convert to Barrack

Thanks for the clear clarification

Much appreciate


Nice concise answer.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help me

late to the party :wink:

This is taken from Global Chat, several months ago:

TO LEVEL UP TROOPS: You’ll need (1) a lvl 10+ stronghold, and (2) a lvl 5+ building (forge is fine). Click on the building and CONVERT it to Barracks. Once you have the barracks, you can upgrade your troops, much in the same way you upgrade heroes: by feeding the lower level troops to the ones you want to keep. NOTE: You can convert the barracks back into the previous building at any time, so long as you are not building something.


One more thing: levelling your troops costs a CRAPLOAD of ham, so keep up with your farm/food storage.


I have a question regarding Barracks. If you convert the barracks back into the previous building. Temporarily, if you convert back it back into Barracks again, you have to spend more resources? Or once you’ve bought, you can switch back and forth without anymore spending involved? Also would be nice if you could instead decide to convert another building without spending again to have this Barrack returned. :yum:

Once you’ve “paid” for the Barracks, you don’t need to buy it again. :wink:

Really?!? So I can keep switching back and forth between Barracks, and whatever … without spending resources again and again? What if I wanted instead to-do another building, to convert that instead of the other one? Does it work like that, and not have to spend more resources?

Edit #2: Also assume if your Barracks was upgraded to Nth level, that the Nth level will be returned when converting a building back to barracks?

P.S: Thank you for the prompt response! And helping me to clarify this. Questions I have been sitting on for a little bit.

Yes, I have a lvl 4 Barracks. I can reconvert to a Forge then back to Barracks lvl 4, no problem.

The only issue I see is if you are building something. Then you must wait until that construction completes before you convert any building into a Barracks (only some buildings—like Forges—will work for conversion).

Thanks again Rook! I did know that not all can be converted over. Also had a gut feeling about converting to / from barracks, requires no other building currently in progress. Which I think converting should be an exception to the rule about required to wait until building is done with in order to begin the conversion.

One more question atm; If you wouldn’t mind? Is there delays, convertion period before having the barracks returned after having clicked ’ CONVERT ’ button on a building? Or simply an instant thing? Thank you once again. :slight_smile:

P.S: I’ll love it when they get the second builder implemented. :slight_smile:

Believe me, you will convert forge once and never convert barracs back. There is no use case for doing so once you have 2 or 3 other forges, even one is enough.


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