Questions about "stack" on specials

Hi I have a few questions about STACKS on specials of new heroes like Mireweave or Skadi.

1 - Does Guardian Chamaleon purifies them?
2 - Can they be blocked with the special of Grazul (in the case of Skadi) or Mist (in the case of Mireweave)?
3 - Are they cleaned against bosses like Ursena every 4 turns? and what about ninja tower?

Thanks, with this info I can make a graphic showing the differences btw the stacks and the normal buffs.

Short answer is No.
Stack are different than status effects, they can’t be cleansed, removed or blocked by heroes like Grazul, Mist etc.,
You can find more info in this well informative thread done by @DaveCozy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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ok thanks… are you sure about Grazul? They can be blocked by Malosi… I have him and he does block stacks

Now I read carefully Malosi card, it says “the target cannot cast any new status affects or stacks” so he is maybe the only heroe who can block the stacks. Mist and Grazul or Aeron only works on status effects… thanks!

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Don’t think so; no.

There are only 2 things that remove / get rid of stacks.

1 - War Equalizer Rule

2 - Malosi blocks them from being applied.

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