Questions about reset and an idea

If there is a topic about this already, I did rapidly pre checked…apologizing…

Why isn’t there a possibility to do a minor reset on one node at a time.

Or 3 (some gem deal offer, special quest reward,
one every 2-3 months for VIP lol …)

I never take the last 2 nodes because I often don’t want the mana bonus, because I don’t have high level mana troops so it’s really not desirable for now.
But eventually I will.
I’ll take any def , attk or crit. 19 20 nodes. But I’ll skip healing and mana.
Stopping at 18 and sometimes missing on a nice 20 bonus.

So when I’ll have them troops…
My only possibility to add this 2 -4% mana bonus is a whole reset …
just to change something I already have spent time and resources, with much fun personally.

So the idea of a minor reset, one node only, can’t break a link. (Thus the idea of a 3 pack)

As long as it’s not breaking a link…
In which case you need 2 minor reset…
Only work on a activated node of course

Nice or not

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