Questions about elemental chests

Since I started playing 8 months ago I heard and read about using diamonds to hurry chests as a way to get elemental chests quicker. I do not do it frequently, just the odd 2 or 3 diamonds when my world energy is full or when it is close to bed time. Got them in an average 2-3 weeks. Then, here in forum People started complaining about their frequency. And now 2 odd things happened.
First, my alt got 2 chests within 10 days of each othr, and I am a bit lazy about that account, so only about 2 monster chests per day and a hero chest every 2 days. My main account in meanwhile closes 3-4 chests a day, and at that occasion was close on 3 weeks without one. ThenI I got one on the last day of last event,the 13 th of may, and to my surprise, got another today.
Did something change in the algorythm of that?

No, it was a mistake. That was MY chest and they gave you by mistake, so please return it so I can have my first of the month.


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