Questions about Beta and Forum


Hi peeps,

those two questions might not be related to each other but at first I have a Question if there is a possibility to tag the E&P Staff to get an eMail notification when they post a new Topic like Beta vacancies or Update notes.

Further to Beta. I want to know how many time should someone plan in to participate effectively? There are of course People who want to see the new Heros first and if its worth using mats for them (dont think Beta is indended for that no?) And those who give valuable Feedback. If any of you say you Need to Play and test at least 2 Hours a day or so to be helpful I wouldnt certainly put my Name in the Goblet of Fire.
Some General Backround Info what is expected would be nice.

May all your Heros pulling wishes come true :smile:


While beta is surely a place to test and express a feedback, i guess it has another equal important aspect, and it is called “marketing”.
Having people knowing and talking about future heroes keep hook on this game the community waiting for them.
So it is not all about testing and such.

There is not such things as good or bad advertising. It’s all advertising

So make your beta request without a doubt.
Good luck.