Did all of you guys get the holy elemental chest or does it happen when you do a certain amount of missions


I got it earlier today, completed it. I only received an epic troop token, 2 daily summons and a blue trainer. Will you please let me know what you get?


Rare Quests spawn for everybody at the same time.

Rare Chests spawn individually for players. And it seems to trigger randonly upon completing either monster, hero or titan chests.


A bunch of 4 star ascension items, 40 gems, epic hero token 2 summon tokens and a red trainer


I’ve never received more than 10 gems but when I do I don’t get anything good with it. … I’m about done wasting my time on this game. It’s ridiculous, someone I am very close to and got to play this game already has 4 4* hero’s and I have 2 that are the same color. I have 9 fully ascended 3* and the 2 4*. I’ve been playing for twice as long. I have 2 training camps running on level 13 constantly. So far in about 2 months not a single 4*. Any ideas or should I just be done with it?

  • Do you save up your gems? When you have them, do you spend on Epic, Elemental or Troops?

  • TC13’s do pay out for players, though with differing success rates. Are you building your Stronghold to 20 to make TC20’s? I’ve heard they have better success rates, though for you right now any success would be an improvement, right?

  • Every players’ Account is different and has different success due to the random nature of goodies in this game.

If I were you, I’d collect every 3* that I want from my TC13’s while waiting for a 4* to drop. While I level them, I would be working on leveling my Stronghold to 20, and build my TC20’s (and me? my Forges). Since I play the Beginner Event, I’d make sure I have 2 each of every color of 3* heroes and 2* Troops, and I’d level as fast as I can (and I’d assume it would take me 2-3 months to do it from scratch without spending, so I’d be patient).

That’s me. How do you play? Only you can decide if you value the game and feel like continuing. There’s plenty to do, if you do. :wink: