Questionable scoring and reward mechanic on Ninja Tower

I just finished 49 floors on the ninja tower and was a bit surprised that the game put me on #2682 with a current score of 1.645.485. dropping further down as I am writing here.
Looking at the leaderboard, this score actually should place me at #8 in the top10.

There are two questions now that I can‘t answer.

  1. Why isn‘t the score the only factor which determines the the final placement on the leaderboard ?
    In this case people having completed 50 floors get better rewards although their final score might be waaaayyy lower than someone having completed 49.
  • It seems like completing 50 floors gets higher rewarded than only 49. So all players having completed only 49 will be compared to eachother while all players having completed 50 will be compared to eachother. So each Floor has it‘s hidden own leaderboard where the bracket of 50 completed floors has the highest rewards as you can make it to the top bracket reward tier.
  1. But then here is the other question. #2682 puts me in the reward bracket of 1001-5000. But who am I being compared to now ? Who are the 2681 players getting placed infront of me ?
    I highly doubt there are other players who also have completed 49 floors but have a better score than me. Knowing that this current score itself is rather rare.

Here is your response.


I don’t think we’ll get an official answer on why this is the case. Anyways, not it is not a bug.

For anyone who can’t complete all fifty stages I advise not worrying about score.

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