Questionable Raid Defense Choices

I did not forget this.
And these defenses I discuss are not cup-dropping defenses.

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Guinevere has one and only one spot: tank. She is toothless on flank.

Avoid healer tanks (though Kunchen may be an exception). Knowing I can just keep dropping tilesmon the tank without much consequence gives me time to iron out a bad board and/or charge up specials.


Absolutely. Forgot about a Guin Flank.

Would you say that Kunchen could be an exception with the -DEF?

Yes, Kunchen’s -DEF is why he works as a tank—that and his great stat-line and immunity to -DEF. By contrast, Rigard+20 is nowhere near as good.

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I disagree completely with your assessment and feel this should be a list of ways to correctly setup your defense.


There’s always a dissident. :slight_smile:

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Napoleon Bonaparte


Oh I saw what you were doing there for sure.

But there are some people out there who are so proud of their 2-2-1 raid defenses… and it just feels wrong to let them be so happy. :slight_smile:

My favs are when they use their raid defense team slot to raid with and don’t put their raid defense back in.


Is Ariel not a viable tank?

Ariel is an elite hero, but she is not an Elite tank.
Don’t let her high defense fool you into thinking “oh she’ll get more tiles and charge faster” Nah. She’ll get more tiles and get dead. If she fires? no big deal, but my attackers are all charged up and… Ariel is dead.

She is best served at Flank, in support of your beefy tank.

Like Kerridoc said:

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Ariel is a viable raid tank and even better as a war tank when folks run out of depth, she needs fast heroes around her to be effective but she holds trophies well, healer flanks are worse then healer tanks in my opinion.

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Do you feel the same way having Boldtusk as a tank?

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Again, I stand by the concept of healer tanks, even with Boldtusk’s punishing revive skill maxed.
Healer tanks are easier to raid against than Healer flanks.

Noted, thank you. I’ve been playing around with different configurations (two healers, three healers, one healer, five golden rings, three blind mice, etc.) trying to find the perfect mesh. It is still a work in progress.


Odd… I see a lot of healers as tanks in the top 100 (kunchen, Aegir, Guin, sometimes Ares, Del, Zo and few more)… and then you have the healer wings in Alby and North… I rarely see healer flanks in the top 100 outside of the odd Guin Kunchen combos.

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Regarding your stance on 2-2-1, should defense be strictly rainbow then?

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Just because they are in the top 100 doesn’t make them any harder to kill.
Some of these very mistakes I have seen are in the top 100.

Top 100 doesn’t depend on your defense, but how often you raid. Your raid team keeps you within spitting distance of 100, but almost everyone drops to the 2500-2600 cup range if they go off line for any stretch-- regardless of tank.

Rainbow defenses are usually harder to exploit (depending on the tank) but I have seen good fortune with 2-1-1-1 (2 of the non-tank color) such as (colors given as examples not suggestions)

Blue-Red-Green-Yellow-Red (to avoid hit-3, split the same color)

Some folks like this:

Blue-Purple-Yellow-Purple-Green (protect the tank at all costs)

I agree, everyone does, so why are we saying that healer tanks are any more or less difficult? Why are we stating 2/2/1 isn’t effective if it can also hold that trophy level easily. Guess I just don’t understand why these things are seen as poor choices if they result in the same effect.

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