Questionable Raid Defense Choices

As I raid, I often see a defense configuration and think… Hmm… this person’s team isn’t optimized. As a good Samaritan I wish I could send them a message to tell them to fix it. But… we cannot. I guess that’s fine.

This list is with the understanding that people are playing with what they have, knowing that everyone does not have the deepest lineup with the most options.
Note: These are observations only for diamond-level raids

  1. Alby on the right wing (left wing, always)
  2. Alby on any flank (see #1)
  3. Zim on the right flank, grave on the left (switch them)
  4. Two of the same color next to each other in Diamond-level (split them)
  5. 2-2-1 (it seems to be the fad in “high level teams”, but goodness it is so easy to exploit)
  6. A 3/70 5* tank, with 4/80 5* flanks
  7. No strikers in the middle 3
  8. Any green (blue, purple) hero on left side, with Evelyn (Arthur, Frida, Panther) on RIGHT WING
  9. Guin Flank, Wing… (Tank only)
  10. Strictly healer-only tanks

Any to add?


Putting colors together like holy next to Dark is also helpful as one will take half damage and gain mana faster.
Fast/very fast snipers in the wings, or weak healers. You want heroes that buff your attack*** to the far left so the AI potentially uses their special before the others. (AI will fire left to right, as specials become available).

I have often felt the way you do too. I imagine that if the had a private message system it would be abused by trolls and immature people.
I wanted to give one guy tips on setting up his defense, he obviously needed the help. But instead I ended up raiding him and took my 20 cups. I felt rather bad.

******if you are using Wu Kong in your Defense, which I wouldn’t suggest, put him on the far right. There is less of a chance of your heroes missing if he fires last.


I agree with Wu Kong, but I definitely wanted to avoid saying “don’t use X hero” on the off chance that this is the only hero they have.


wasting Khiona or Magni or specials in general on the wing is something I see often.

If you have Kunchen Khiona is tough to use. Better to replace her (this is what I did after maxing Kunchen)


I cringe when I see Wu in a defense. A 3* would most likely be better. Tile damage is NOT helpful when defending. That’s the only reason I brought him up specifically :joy::joy:. It seem some players just don’t take that into consideration. I keep kicking myself for feeling bad for easy cups but oh well, that my mom coming out.

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Seeing Khiona, Magni, Khagan, or any other “and nearby ally buff” on the wings hurts me a little. But Khiona does fare well as a sniper, especially if it’s all you have. In the case of Kunchen (legit tank), it is a tough call.


Let’s not kid ourselves… I do beat up on those who have these issues. :slight_smile:

Also… I know he’s shiny for some… but unless you don’t have options Ranvir is also not the best choice.

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Shhh what are you doing? That’s gonna make my hero chest even harder to fill lol


Lol, true enough. I’ll take those cups, thank you sir!! But you should really move some of your heroes around…

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When I see, for example, Wu in the high platinum/low diamond range defense I usually think that player is purposely weakening his/her defense to drop cups. Surely at that level they can’t believe Wu is a solid defender hero.

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I’m not really sure about your first two points on regular basis and with any hero configuration.

Explain that to me.

I agree. I don’t mind cup-droppers. The joke is usually on them when they hit me back on revenge.

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  1. I’ve seen Alby revive a hero while on the right wing, and a fully charged hero respawn but not fire his special which allows me to act before their special goes off.

  2. Alby is easy to kill and will be easier to target with tiles on flank than on wing. His best benefit is to sit back and slowly collect mana while he regenerates. Plus, you have him wasting his special if he goes off too soon. Sure the health plus mana boost is great and all, but his revive is the deadly part of his special and should be used to max potential. Same goes for Alby as tank.


Anyone want to explain to me what makes Wu / Ranvir so bad in defense… I see it said all the time, but I hate getting hit by 500 damage slash attacks … sure, stuff could miss, but seeing big AOE hitters and Ranvir makes me nervous. Feel like I should go make a defense with ranvir - kunchen - ursena as my mid to see if it holds as good of cups as a standard defense… have a feeling it probably will.

Perhaps you’ve just had bad luck. They are squishy and unpredictable. They are the opposite of you want anything in your defense, (stout and predictable).

Ranvir and Wu are offensive staples for most titans, but on defense you want your best foot forward. But you can obviously experiment.

That would the best general asset, but i find some exceptions that people may choose to change that.

Alby on the right wing: Alby is a squishy hero that may not last until he fire. Having Evelyn on the left flank with her elemental link may help him survive until he shot.

Alby on the left flank: you mainly use his mana generation and take advantage eventually of a Mother North right wing, or any other slow hero.

So yes, your suggestion are really good but i do not apply it every single time.

All the others cases i agree with you.

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I absolutely agree that it is not always a 100% thing. It really depends on the mindset and hero configuration. Just as a general rule, though, for most who do not have those situational support heroes you mentioned, it’s a bad idea for Alby to be out of his ‘spot’.

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Predictable doesn’t bother me, unpredictable does. Take a hero like Misandra for instance… she’s a worrisome tank because she could snap off and hit me 4 times, charge up her defenders and end a raid pretty quickly… where as a more standard tank, I know exactly what to expect each time. Defenses are at enough of a disadvantage, throwing some high risk, high reward heroes in, I just haven’t ever seen as a terrible idea. But anyway, back to the topic.


But Misandra’s first hit is still fairly punishing. I don’t think of her as a tank, myself, more of a support/flank hero. It’s all in your perspective (I suppose). Misandra never actually misses, nor does she cause the rest of her team to miss. Wu/Ranvir does.

Unpredictable is fine, as long as you get something in return. This is what you risk with Wu. I’ve won raids where Ranvir powered up, and Kage missed what was assuredly a killshot. I won the next round. This was on someone who had ascended to the top 10 and I, too, was making my climb. easy 38 cups.

Again, too each their own. If you have other heroes to pick from, I’d suggest other ones. If you like them, then use them and enjoy…

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You’re forgetting one factor :

People sometimes setup their defense poorly on purpose to lose cups.

I do it when I want to revenge against weaker opponents to fill my chest

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