Question: Wilbur & Namahage vs. Wilbur & Sumitomo


i got Wilbur and Sumitomo yesterday and play around with them in 8.7.

I noticed the follwoing:

Spirt link (shared damage) is active for my team:

When the monsters hit anybody n my team Namahae get’s hit through shared damage as well and get’s higher attack, so far so good.

Now when i replace Namahage with Sumitomo he get’s hit through shared damage as well when the monsters hit anybode in my team… but oviously the counter attack is not working at least i can’t see the damage numbers on the monsters…

is this supposed to be like that? maybe i have to look closer… but i would have expected sumitomo to strike back when another teammember is hit under shared damage / spirit link…

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Yes, that’s exactly how it works.

Riposte like Sumitomo has only reflects direct damage to him, not shared damage from Spirit Link.

But Namahage (and Brienne and Khiona) increase attack when they take any damage. Spirit Link is incredibly effective with that, since it magnifies the effect, and the resulting attack boost.


ok, thank you very much for the confirmation. So’ll conintue to use wilbur and namahage for farming 8.7 (until i get brienne from tc20… :wink: )

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You’re welcome, and I hope you get Brienne, she’s fantastic, truly one of the very best 3*. Happy farming!

I thought they nerfed Briennes special so that it doesnt work with spirit link?

Nope, still works!

Notice the buff on Brienne increasing, even though she wasn’t hit directly. It increased for everyone, I just screenshotted her in particular.

Brienne was not struck directly either time, Little John was hit both times.

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Thanks again… just got her today… looks great when i tried farming 8.7 or 7.7… (even unlevelled so far)…

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