Question to Khagan / Onatel


Khagan visited my Deck. What would be your favourite Team for Def / Raids and why?

Finished: Grimm, Little John, Hu Tao, Kashrek, Rigard

Ready tu use: Richard, Sartana, Onatel, Inari, Proteus, Falcon, Gormek, Chao, Kiril

Available: Scarlett, Sonya, Tiburtus,

Also I habe two questions refering to mana:
When you combine Khagan and Onatel ist then the amout of stolen mana you recive also increased?

When you hit with Onatel after 3 rounds again is there a reset of the amout of mana you recive or does ist steal 100% in the next round?

GREETINX and thanx for your help

Khagan is too slow for what benefit he provides. Fight is nearly over by the time his special is up or he is dead.


Its not true, yes Khagan is slow but he is hard to. His mana buff is helpfull.

You said he is dead or nit ready when fight end.
What with Isarnia/Azlar? They both very good SLOW heroes, they both more squihy than Khagan. Yes, I know they dealing much more dmg (+fire/debuff). They have 100% offensive skills.
Khagan have something like 40% offensive and 60% deffensive skill.

Mix him with healer like Rigard/Melendor and after he buff himself (and nearby), he can survive massive dmg.

WhencI have only him as maxed 5* he was my tank. With him and slow/average 4* I was at 2250-2400 cups.

I think he should be buffed but still, he is 7-7,5/10 5* hero. At 3^70 he is bad, thats true (his dmg is a joke and he dieing too easily) but when he is maxed he can show his usefull.

Isarnia and Azlar die too. Difference is if they pop you’re in trouble… big trouble.

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Isarnia is problematic, but for me Azlar isn’t really dangerous

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