Question Time - is there any advantage to the heroes you use the most?

I’m not sure if I’ve phrased that correctly so I’ll elaborate… say I use 3 different heroes almost constantly… other than the familiarity I gain by using them … does it help level them or affect special skill or anything in any way ?

No not at all. Use them if you like them, bench them if you don’t. Ascension and power increases are an active and deliberate process as opposed to passive and indirect.


I feel like there should be… nothing major but even something like increased chance of SS increase if you’ve fired off their SS like 1000 times or something… maybe I’ll suggest it lol

It’s been suggested before, you can vote on this existing thread. :slight_smile:

I think a potential pitfall would be that those used rarely would get left behind and therefore become even more redundant.

I’m really enjoying the Trial quests that encourage broadening the roster rather than making an ultra elite group of faves.

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Well aren’t you helpful … :slight_smile: now if I can just get myself to the OT and comment - that would be great… old dog learning new trick over here lol

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I agree, sort of… I have my favs but I also make a habit of running through different heroes and combos of heroes when I’m farming, it helps in wars to be familiar with my teams… right now I’ve been playing around with a Wu, Aeron, Queen, Caedmon, Boldtusk… it’s turning out to be great combo… their SS compliment really well.

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