[question] sir roostley special skill?

i did not understand what his special skill means… the second line of it.

everytime he had hit me in the event he did hit everyone on my team, when i have used him he hit every enemy too. So hm??? what does that sentence means? It feels like he just does 280% to everyone.

if someone could be kind enough to explain me that, i’d be thankful.
also, does he worth the darts? i have drake fong, joon and vivica maxed and +1 joon and +1 vivica on 1/1. is a second joon or secong vivica better than sir roostley?

thank you sm. wash ur hands. xo

It’s a chain hit attack. If roostley hits a hero successfully, and there’s a hero adjacent (next) to the already hit hero, roostley hits them too. And so on.

The chain hit stops on a miss caused by blind, reflect, or wu/ranvir’s accuracy debuff.

If roostley say hits the left corner hero, and the hero in the left flank is already dead, the special completed with just that single hit.


He chains through the team, so if a hero in the middle of the lineup is dead, he’ll only hit heroes that are next to each other on one side. I think Roostley is more desirable than a duplicate Joon.

  • If the opposing team has no gaps he hits all targets.
  • If the opposing team has a gap he hits all targets on the same side of the gap as the first target.
  • If he is blinded and misses a target, his attack stops.

More clearly now?

So the conclusion is that blind against him is even more effective than usual.

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Ohh thank you! I got it now. Sounds really nice! I personally dislike joon. Only if i had his costume…

I’d level the rooster and tell everyone how cool he is! But that’s me.


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