Question related to classes

Hi everyone

in order to have one hero maxed in each class,
i’m wondering :

should i max my sorcerer Morgane and continue Zimkitty
should i max my sorcerer Mitsoku and then forget Zimkitty for a while?

what would you do?

thanx a lot
good life and good game

Morgan and zim is way I’d go

Mits is too niche for my taste though

Morgan and zim seem more versatile and useful

Mits seems like more of a “fun” hero

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thanx Rigs that’s what i thought in first place

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It’ll be quite awhile before we have enough emblems to max classes on 5*, so i wouldnt let the classes dictate my decisions too much. Any hero you need for the quests can still be taken to 3/60(4*) or 3/70(5*) and still fill a void u need to complete the quests.

Items will play a key role in making up for lack of strength just like completing events or rare quests before maxed heros were as common as they are now

totally agreed :slight_smile:
as sorcerer is the only class in wich i don’t have a maxed hero
i was just thinking about the future ! (and it’ll be my 30th, coincidence)
nice day or night to you

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I might like Mitsuko since she has a mana cut special and now with an additional special of mana slow.

Quite effective I would say. I have her but still 1/1. Will take forever to up her anyway for me.

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seems like i need a third advice then… let’s do that!
thanx a lot

any more advice?
guess i’ll flip a coin then :slight_smile:
this thread can be closed
bye thanx

Zimkitha & Morgan Le Fay are great together.

kool enough thanx :slight_smile:

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