Question regarding elemental link - elemental defense up and special - elemental defense up


let’s say i use Ranvir and Guin at the same team. Ranvir gives +46% defense against dark non-dispellable through his elemental link and Guin gives +54% defense against dark. They have different icons and i can see them both active . Which one is then used when i receive damage from dark heroes? the higher one or the lower one?

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Element links stack with other buffs. If both buffs are active, the holy heroes would get a +100% defense buff against dark slash attacks and special skills.

That translates to a yellow hero with 700 defense (for e.g.), would get +700 points of defense against dark attacks, with both buffs active.



but i can’t see that anywhere rigtht? when both buffs are active my Ranvir shows “only” 944 defense which is 800 base + 18% from the troup. Is it really added up like you said? That would lead to 1888 defense… or is it just one of the two being considered… i don’t know how i could find that out myself e.g. while playing s2 15.8 hard with that chochin boss… i can seee he does less damage when one or both buffs are active compared to when no buff is active… but i’m not sure how to figure out what is used here…

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hmmm… interesting, would like to test that and other combos as well
Domitia + Kunchen
Perseus + Frida
Morgan Le Fay + Margret
G. Kong + Anzogh

all of the above combination will give 94% against the element + 46% from the elemental link = 140%

I dont know if this also could be tested in beta as all the heroes has been released for a time now we should ask our Beta reference @zephyr1

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It can’t be tested in Beta any more readily than in the live game, at the moment. Someone would have to have the heroes either way, so testing in Beta wouldn’t particularly be more effective than in the live game.


thats what i thought
i will try to test it with level 1 morgan (will only give 80% defense) and level 1 marget (will not level up that hero)
and hope they dont die before it activates :stuck_out_tongue:

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So i tried to test it wity level 1 morgan and level 1 marget didnt work
So i replaced them with level 3.70 morgan and level 1 margert
Damage before skill was 44 (margret) 24 (morgan)
After skill 30 (margret) 11(morgan)

Please note that Morgan only raise defense against fire for her self
So morgan damage taken from fire has gone down for about 54%
And for margret who only had elemental link (46% defense) the damage went down around 32%


I was playing 2 rounds of s1 23.11 against the dark lord (he has quite some hp that increases chances to track various hits from him… but it took quite some mana since he kept hitting the others evey now and then and i had to had this or that or both specials up everytime before he had his slash attack…).

not sure if the following approach is the correct way to test it… but

dark lord slash attack vs. guin (no buff): 445
dark lord slash attack vs. guin (+46 % def from ranvir elemantal link): 339
dark lord slash attack vs. guin (+54% def from guinevere special): 295
dark lord slash attack vs. guin (+46 % def from ranvir elemantal link + guinevere 54% special): 239
dark lord slash attack vs. guin (+46 % def from ranvir elemantal link + guinevere 54% special + kiril 30 % defense): 209


~76 % of damage with +46 % def from ranvir elemantal link
~66 % of damage with +54% def from guinevere special
~54% of damage with both buffs (+46% elemental link AND +54 % from guin)
~47% of damage with ALL buffs (+46% elemental link AND +54 % from guin AND +30 % def from Kiril)

since slash damage varies from hit to hit (have seen 421 as well instead of 445) these are just approximates i think…

in the end i think we see special and elemantal link stack and seem to add up… as said by @DaveCozy

follow up question: i assume if i would have an additional defense up e.g. from Kiril that would not change above numbers… is that correct or would this stack as well and increase defense even further?

update: did another run in 23.11 with added kiril to the above who stacks as well like @lexinen said.


Normal defense buffs like Kiril’s do stack with elemental defense and element link, so it would further increase defense.

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hm… never thought of that… so when i attack with

  • Grimm ( atk 827 special deals 295 % damage to main and minor (50 %) to nearby and - 34 % def)
  • Frida (atk 748 special deals 290 % damage to 3 and - 54 % def against ice
  • Richard (644 atk special deals 415 % to main and minor (50 %) to nearby…

what is the optimal order to fire them? grimm->frida->richard? or frida->grimm->richard? i must admit i’m a bit confused now…

For maximum damage against the center target, Frida -> Grimm -> Richard. This bumps up the damage from the two splash attackers the most. You do need to be a bit careful not to accidentally kill the center target before firing Richard, though; otherwise you can’t hit both of the flank targets with his attack anymore.

If there’s a risk of killing the center target early (for example, they have a low base defense stat), the order Grimm -> Frida -> Richard will distribute the damage across all 3 targets more evenly at a cost of slightly lower overall damage output.

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Thanks for your detailed answer. May i ask how one can come to this kind of knowledge? there is no documentation anywhere right? just test and try and error?

Keep in mind too that the defense buff isn’t a generic one. Only generic defense buffs show in the status screen of the hero next to their defense stats.

The elemental defense buffs are not shown next to the defense stat, because they only apply to damage from that element. Note too that Ranvir’s attack buff isn’t shown in the stats, because it has a specific HP condition before it’s applied.

thanks for the clarification. Is it true that if i have this team as defens (not attack) another 20% for attack and defense is added? (i can’t battle my own defense team so i can never see my team on defense…)

Trial and error is how I learned most of it. These days, the forums have a lot of tips and tricks threads that can help:

For your question specifically, the damage calculation thread is good reference:


Thanks for your reply…uh oh… the damage calculation thread… i read it a while ago… and tried to understand it … but …it overhelmed me quite a bit… so maybe i should give it another try…

Element link is the biggest scam in gaming history. The heroes of the same colour in your team, the less colours on the board. It is so blatantly obvious that the only fathomable reason is that the game is laughing/taking the piss out of the gamers.

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