Question reg. Chao (my yellow hero situation)


the facts:

My yellow heroes:

NO 5 Star.

4 Star:

Danzaburo 4-70
Chao 3-60
Hu Tao 3-33

And a few maxed 3 Stars (Melia, Bane 2 x).

Currently i’m working on bringing Hu Tao to 3-60.

I have mats to ascend a yellow 4 Start to 4 th tier.

I’m wondering if i should do it with Chao. I’ve read here that i should not do it with Hu-Tao.
I’m not su sure about Chao… i read many different opinions.

TC20 is running i stil hope to get Wu at some point in time and i’m sure if i have him i want
to max him… but i don’t know if i will get him sooner or later or at all… .

What would you do? Any advice? Is Chao worth to use ascention mats now? or save the for
a potential Wu (or any other yellow 4 or 5 star hero that might come out of TC20) ?

What do you think?

Kind regards,


I would ascend Chao and not think twice.

Get both hu Tao and chao to 3-70. Play with them and determine which you prefer. Chao was the first holy 4* I raised and he is decent but not amazing.

Chao is not my favorite even if fast mana and mana cut because he only stings but doesnt kill.
He is neither a true sniper nor a great mana cutter.

Do you pull alot or do you actually pray hard everyday for the tc20 to give you heroes?

IF you pull alot, then wait for better heroes like Jackal during Guardian event or even Wu from elemental.

IF not, Chao is viable to a certain extent. I would never use Hu Tao to begin with. I would wait for Wu, unless you have alot of orbs lying around.

I have Chao at 3/60 and to me is the one to go with.
I have Hu Tao at 4/70 (since he was my first 4* hero) and its not great but not that bad. Hu Tao to me its good for defense. Too slow for offence kinda bad for titans. Dont have any exp with DB.
I dont have Wu either but its kinda pointless keeping your mats just in case he shows up. You could get it tomorow or in 2 months

Chao is criminally underrated. Like most, I thought initially he was lame, but after listening to a few sage people here, I gave him a shot and thinks he’s pretty useful.

Go with Chao and don’t look back. Orbs are fairly plentiful. Now, Hu Tao I’d leave at 3/60. Wait for Li Xiu or Wu Kong after Chao.

Thanks everybody… i’ll then bring Hu Tao to 3-60 play with both arrround and then probably go on with Chao if Wu hasn’t appeared in the mean time from TC20. (i don’t pull a lot… avalon and season 2 where my last 10 pulls…, no elemental ones…)


Chao is great, mana cut reduction is priceless

Go with Chao any day. You want 30 maxed heroes for war at least! And next Jakal will show up in 3-4 months. By that time you have like 16 more orbs :smiley:

Chao is good enough for Orbs. I’d go with him over Hu Tao. Especially if you are looking for a good utility hero to fight with until you build your roster up more. He will help you get the mats to pull other heros up.
Hu is great for defense though. My cleansers came later in the game and his blind has lost me matches.

And, I’d still choose Chao over Wu first if you pull from tc20 in the near future. Wu will still work just fine at 3/60 until you get more mats.

I have a VERY similar set of Heroes to the OP.

I have a maxed Chao and a 3/60 Chao, really useful vs purple titans (as I have no better yellows, only Hu Tao in 2nd acsention or so). His mana drain on the titans works really well if you have two.

Danzaburo I wouldn’t bother leveling above 3/70, his special is too hit and miss to rely on, only useful as a war space.

Hu Tao I will level enough to be useful in wars too.

Anyway, as others have said Chao is underrated, he’s in pretty much all of my teams until I pull a 5* yellow. Max him out if you have the materials, he will be a good team member until you pull someone better

Chao is pretty cool imo. Played with him a looooong time till I got Leonidas.

Hu Tao is decent for defense but (I think) only for defense while Chao can be used for anything.

So… Chao for me. :slight_smile:

If you are „weak“ and go against stronger teams Danzaburo can be pretty usefull and win matches.

I like him better than chao and I leveled him as my 30th maxed hero for war.

I dont mind Danza but I find he lets me down when I need him to hit or buff, yet when it’s not important he always hits or buffs haha.

Guess I just prefer consistancy and knowing Chao will always hit (unless blinded I suppose) as opposed to the risk of Danza freezing himself

i have the same experience… it feels like when you really urgently need him he freezes… when his special is not needed so much it fires and “helps” a lot… i have him on defense right now… and some times much stronger teams lose against mine… i think ther sometimes danza (kashhrek is on the team as well) can be a nasty surprise for attackers… (and sometimes he maks them lol when he freezes… :wink: )

Now I’m thinking of who would make a team of ‘annoying’ heroes to be against haha.

Hu Tao might get in, so annoying when your whole team starts missing everything

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Go with Chao. I had chao as a first or 2nd yellow 4 on 3 accounts and he was good on all of them.

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Chao is only worth on offence and war, but i have leonidas which is a direct upgrade at a cost of mana (average) so i dont really need him