Question / Potential Bug on Monk Withstand

I am not sure if this is a bug or if it is working as intended. I would like some clarification on how Monk’s Withstand functions. When they are hit by a special skill with multiple status ailments, it appears their Withstand rolls against each separately.

I have attached two pictures showing this in raids. In each I have just fired Proteus. He hits (and had no accuracy debuffs either time) and the Monk I am fighting (Leonidas in the first, Wu Kong in the second) has their mana blocked. However, in both cases they are not afflicted with the damage over time. Again, this strongly suggests that the Monk rolls to Withstand the mana block, then - regardless of the result - rolls to Withstand the DoT (or in the other order, but the point is that there appear to be two rolls).

Although I haven’t yet had it happen, this also seems to suggest that a Monk could get hit with the DoT but Withstand the mana block. Could that happen? I feel this is very important, as I am often highly relying on the mana block (the DoT is a bonus) in raids when I fire Proteus, so it’d be nice to know. If a Monk can Withstand a mana block I can easily see scenarios where that’d swing my decision to fire on the other side of the board.

Edited to add: based on what I’ve seen, I suspect that a Monk canNOT Withstand a mana block - only a Cleric’s Manashield Talent can do that. So DoT is a status ailment, mana block is NOT (in the context of a Monk’s talent) - meaning Proteus never misses the block on a Monk.

Should be as intended, every ailment will be dodged separately. It says resist ailment and not resist special ability like Margie or Inari.

I generally agree, but still think some clarification would be useful. I have never seen a Monk Withstand a mana block. The two most likely explanations are:

  1. Mana block is NOT a status ailment, a Monk can never Withstand it.

  2. Though I have not yet fired a mana block on a Monk during a raid and seen them Withstand, but there is at least a chance they can.

There is a pretty big strategic difference between those two. And whereas I can never prove the first, a developer could easily solve this with a clear, outright statement. I raid with Proteus a lot, so I’m inclined towards the former explanation - the latter is increasingly unlikely as my (admittedly non-recorded and therefore uncertain, but large-ish) sample size grows.

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DoT status effects don’t show if they’ll kill the enemy on the next turn right after being cast. Leonidas and Wu both look close to death…did they by chance die immediately after your turn from the DoT?

If so, I think these were just both misses on Withstand, coupled with a confusing status effect display choice/bug.

Next time you’re screen shotting for this, it’s more useful to capture the detail window by tapping on them than just the status effect icons. That will normally show all effects, even ones that otherwise don’t display on the hero themselves in some circumstances.


I know what you’re referring to about imminent death. It’s a really good thought and not something I considered checking in the moment since both were in the clear win state (DoT or no). I thought I was doing well to snap a pic before finishing the raid. :slight_smile:

I’m fairly confident that I remember Withstand procing in both instances. But I will be much more conscious of this situation in the future and will try to do screen grabs with the detail window next time.

All that said, this seems like a case where a pretty simple yes / no from SGG would make everything 100% clear.

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It would :slight_smile: And Petri has been doing a super job of answering this sort of question lately, for which I am immensely grateful!

But in the meanwhile, I’m hunting emblemed Joons to see if I can get a counter-instance.

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In this image I have just fired Buddy at Wu Kong. Wu Kong has been afflicted with the defense down, but his Withstand proced and he did not get slapped with the attack debuff. Unlike the earlier posts, imminent death is not an issue in this one. So, while it would still be great to know if a Monk can ever Withstand a mana block, I am increasingly convinced that a Monk rolls separately against each status ailment.

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Here’s Monk Aeron with the DoT from Proteus but not the mana block:

And Aegir next to Aeron with both:

Looks like yes and yes.


That seems definitive then. Though regrettable. I lean heavily on expecting the mana block to connect any time I fire it. I have been assuming that only a Cleric’s Manashield could stop it. I guess I’m glad to know it now instead of it happening in a raid.

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I’ve actually noticed it a few times, but this was the first time I remembered to screenshot it.

It was sort of a funny coincidence that you updated this thread at the same time as I was taking screenshots to post. :slight_smile:


Thank you for helping me. Thread can be closed, as this seems resolved and is not a bug. I’m happy to have gotten the answer, as this sort of thing can easily be the difference between a win and a loss.


Closed at request of OP, given evidence that it’s not a bug.

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