Question on withdrawing cards

about the withdrawal of cards. When I withdraw two, the percentage of legends differs from four withdrawals

What do you mean “withdrawing cards”?


Do you mean drawing?

With two summons in most events, you’d have about a 7.5% chance of drawing a 5* hero. With four summons, you’ve got a 14.4% chance.

Tavern summons are different because you can’t draw the current monthly hero. Instead, you have only a 0.1% chance per summon of drawing Myztero. So you have a 5.1% of drawing a 5* with two summons, and a 10% chance with 4 summons.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Is there a difference between summoned 2 or four in row to get lagendry

Yes, here is my question: does the ratio add up when summoning the legendary, and the ratio will be 2.5 for each one and depend on your luck?

Short answer: Yes.

The long answer I actually wrote up first:
It will be luck-based. You usually have a 3.8% chance of drawing a 5* with gem summons if you include the Hero of the Month.

If you summon 10 times though, that does not give you a 38% (3.8x10) chance of drawing a 5*. The math works like this:

If you draw once, you have a 3.8% chance of drawing a 5*. You have a 96.2% chance of not drawing a 5*. If you draw a second time, you’re taking 3.8% of 96.2. That’s around 3.66%. You add that to the first summon chances. 3.66+3.8=7.46%.

If you draw heroes without getting a 5*, the game will not increase your chances in the future. There is never a 5* guarantee, no matter how long you play or how many times you summon.

Your total chances of drawing a 5* with 10 summons is around 32%, as long as you’re doing an elemental or event summon. Basic epic summons have lower chances. For this reason, I suggest saving epic hero tokens for the summer event so you have (very slightly) higher chances of drawing a 5* hero.

I hope that all makes sense. Does that answer your question?

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Great explanation @Kadaxas , that needs to be said once more (thats quite work to do)

I personally recommend to save up gems to go for 10-hero-pulls because its cheaper.

I strongly recommend to play the game for a while to decide if you could have fun over a long time.
If you do, then you could buy some offers.
Ask wisely in your alliance which offers seem to be better or worse (I wont do that here).

5stars are really very rare. And due to human psychology almost everybody has the feeling to have bad luck.

Still, best way to get free 5 stars is to train them. 3 Training camps on legendary training will get you 45 chances each 5% for a 5star hero.
I am nood good at math but this should average around two 5stars each month.

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hi enni and kadaxas.

I’ve been playing for about a year. during this time I made an estimated 400 summon. almost half of them are with money, the rest with summon tokens i earn from in-game missions and events.

as a result of these 400 summon, I only won 4 5 * heroes. these are 1 normal hero (richard), 2 heroes of the month (ranvir and grimble), and a costume hero (isarnia). I spent a lot of money for summon but all my money wasted. Maybe I could buy a ps 5 with the money I spent :slight_smile: .

With a simple math calculation, I had to win 2.5 heroes per 100 summons.
2,5x4: 10 heroes in 400 summon. and at least half of these heroes should have been special heroes. but I only have 4 heroes.

For example, I made 42 summons at once in the legend summon campaign. (200 mission coins: 2 summon, spending 2600 gem: 10 summon and 3000 legendary ultimate offer coins: 30 summon). I have never won 5 * heroes. this bad luck to you, stupidity or fraud?
or how many million dollars should we spend to own a Special hero.
I feel entangled. I am very angry. and i don’t know what to do.
please give me a mind what should i do or what should i think about.
thank you in advance for your feedback.

What I think:
Yeah thats bad luck.

What to do:
Not pushing even more money. Choose good offers if you want to (for me the last walhalla and last tavern of legends offers are way better thab others)

Two examples out of me and my wifes account:

  • desperate because no red 5 star. 50 summons in red color. No 5 star, no hotm.
  • atlantis 10 pull, khagan, azlar and tarlak
  • ursena with atlantis coins, alberich with Atlantis coins, mitsuko with atlantis coins
  • 10 pull guardian of teltoc, panther and owl
  • approx 120 pulls in january for vela. No vela.


  • 130 summons for clarissa, got her on last pull but nothing else
  • 10 pull tavern of legends, marjanna and myzterio (still jealous)
  • also mitsuko with atlantis coins

We both have like 100 draws in walhalla. I have ratatoskr and she has heimdall, fenrir and sif

So it really is very very different and i really hope you get some luck as we did, what would compensate your bad luck from the past.

But: there is never a compensation. Its also very possible that the next 400 pulls give only standard s1 heroes.

So, give yourself a limit. Dont “waste” money in Small offers, because that accumulates to kind of much money at the end of the month.

good luck

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