Question on who gets the tome

I am down to one tome at the moment and I will have a number of heros at 3/70 in the next week. Here are my choices

My second Magni

I am most likely leaning to Zeline since I do not have a lot of dispellers and a lot of people really like her. My next probably Vivica since I have no yellow healers as of yet. Any thoughts you all have on this? I appreciate the feedback

Zeline…wish i had her too

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Freya and Zeline are the two that really jump out of that list -without costumes, the others are a long way behind.

Both have high impact specials - Zeline probably has a slight edge in special skill utility (though Freya plays very well with other minion casters), Freya has a significant advantage in stats.


Agreed, but harder to comment without knowing who you currently have.

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Indeed - those two are the real stand out candidates… But which to do first depends on your needs and any available synergies…

If you have Delilah, QoH or Puss maxed, I’d probably go with Freya first, for example.

If you’re particularly short on 5* healing, I’d be tempted to go Freya (sure a minion is a small pseudo-heal, but getting Def up as well can be really helpful when you’re under the cosh).

All that said… Zeline adds plenty regardless of who you team her up with, so you’ll always get plenty of use out of her.


All else equal… which colour do you have less maxed in?